A week of outfits #8


I lie… It’s actually 2 weeks of outfits! And I will go on lying for a while – until I catch up to the present, that is. So the series is still called “a week of outfits”, but it will contain at least 2 weeks’ worth of outfits. I don’t mind, I hope you don’t either 😊.

Day 1


I forgot to flip the photo, but it’s more than obvious what my T-shirt says 😁 It was a birthday present from one of my friends because she knows how much I love the show – I can quote episodes-worth! πŸ˜‡

This outfit was meant to be comfortable – I was going to the countryside to visit my grandma – but I didn’t feel super comfortable just because the T-shirt is very long and there was a lot of it tucked in. I may have to take it to my brilliant seamstress* to be shortened because its length has prevented me from wearing it again.

*She’s brilliant because she has taken in pants for me, made dresses one size smaller without even being noticeable, even modified my coats in an impeccable way! I can trust her with absolutely everything! It’s a bit addictive: when you know that your clothes can be altered to fit you perfectly, you kinda want to take everything to be modified! (but it can become quite expensive if you do this – good work can be costly)

(Mango jeans – similar here, H&M “Friends” T-shirt, Nike Air Max Zero sneakers)

Day 2


This year I made an obsession for linen trousers, but the thing with linen trousers is: they crease quite easily. I’d just steamed them minutes before taking this picture and they were fine until I sat down to tie my shoes. However, they are quite comfortable and flattering.

(Linen trousers thrifted – similar here, Mango black ribbed T-shirt – similar here, Public Desire chunky trainers, H&M belt)

Day 3


Another one of those “looked-better-in-person-than-in-photos” outfits. At least this is what I like to think anyway 😁. It was very hot that day and this was a very good outfit to wear. The top is breezy, the jeans are on the loose side and offer ventilation and the Converse feel light as air. However, every time i wear them I do wish they were platform ones instead. (It’s just because of my crazy obsession to balance out my figure with chunky shoes. Because I’m short, but not petite, tiny shoes always make me feel out of balance: big body, tiny feet. I know, I told you. Crazy πŸ˜„)

(Topshop jeans – similar here and here, striped top – similar here, Converse All Star sneakers)

Day 4


Speaking of balance… this top is very difficult to wear due to its big sleeves. I don’t think jeans were the right choice, but this is precisely the purpose of this series: to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Zsa Zsa was having the sleep of her life there, probably trying to rub it in my face that I had to go to work. πŸ˜„

(Mango jeans – similar here, Mango top – similar here, Nike Air Max Zero sneakers)

Day 5


An outfit of the day picture taken at the mall πŸ˜„ It was a Friday here and I had the day off. So I woke up, went to the gym, went to the mall, had a meal and then went to a movie by myself. It was a lovely day!

Saw “Anna”, which was quite entertaining, but a bit unrealistic in terms of period accuracy (set in 1986-1990, they were using USB sticks and Nokia 3310!!). Otherwise a light and fun action movie, complete with a strong female lead, 90s songs, shots of Paris and Cillian Murphy! I only found out afterwards that this was a Luc Besson production – and I am a sucker for his movies. (“The Fifth Element” is one of my favorite movies ever! #LelooDallasMultipass)

(Topshop jeans – similar here and here, Asos crop top – similar here, Pull & Bear sneakers – similar here)

Day 6


A true summer outfit which felt a bit weird, but looking back at the pictures – was reallyΒ  flattering, if I do say so myself. I usually don’t wear tube tops, so I felt quite naked, but it was just in my head, as 90% of my body was covered, haha.

This very fancy outfit was worn to the mall to choose a white paint – I was about to repaint my “outfits” room that very day! I went for white walls, which turned out to be a challenge because I had to cover that pink paint (which don’t seem so pink now, but against the white it was quite dark). I felt very proud of myself because I finished it all in a day and a half!


I forgot to take a picture with the bag too, so this one was taken at the mall. I didn’t buy anything (else but paint), I only went in to take the pic.

(New Yorker hrifted dress – similar here, Forever 21 sandals – similar here, Reserved bag – similar here and here)

Day 7


It was Monday again and I had to change my “studio” since the other room was still “under construction”. I was very tired here and I went for the super-simple, super-basic no-fuss outfit. I’m accompanied here by my love, my baby, my super photogenic sidekick Boris the British Shorthair.

(Stradivarius trousers, Plain white T-shirt, old – similar here, Converse All Star sneakers)

Day 8


Was really proud of myself as the top matched the sole of my shoes, but of course no-one noticed hahaha. I like the T-shirt, but I don’t think that red is really my color. I don’t really have red clothes and maybe this isn’t a bad thing! πŸ˜„ Or maybe I should go for a more orange-y red next time.

(Pull&Bear white mom jeans, H&M T-shirt – similar here, Public Desire chunky sneakers)

Day 9


Back in my room, everything else the same only the walls have a different color now. Since I moved the mirror, I couldn’t quite find its right position again, so for a few days I’ve had some trouble capturing the pictures.

(Mango trousers, very old – similar here, New Yorker T-shirt – similar here, Nike Air Max Zero sneakers)

Day 10


I usually call this “one-of-my-best-self” outfits and I think that on the actual day I called “a-cool-girl” outfit because in my opinion this is what a cool girl would wear. You know the one: the kind that wears simple clothing, but makes it look effortless chic. I felt great!

(Cheap Monday white culotte jeans – similar here, Pull&Bear black vest top – similar here, Pull&Bear black wedge espadrilles – similar here)

Day 11


I L-O-V-E this outfit and it made me feel great on the day. Another one of my “best-self-outfits”. And I was about to become my best self: I went for a haircut, which was actually a makeover. I think I haven’t had my hair this short since I was a kid – and what a mistake this was! I should’ve done this a while ago! It actually makes me feel more like myself, if that makes any sense! (see my new look below 😁)

(Zara daisy dress – similar here and here, Koton white ribbed T-shirt – similar here, Pull&Bear espadrille wedges – similar here, straw basket bag – similar here)



As usual, follow me on Instagram for a live look at my outfits – I share them on my stories. Til next time, I am curious to know which one was your favorite!

See you soon,



One thought on “A week of outfits #8

  1. […] Well, here we are! 10 weeks of outfits – although in reality much more, since I’m sharing more than one week’s worth in these posts for now. Speaking of which, my boyfriend asked me why I shared pictures from the seaside last week. You see, he thought these posts reflect the outfits from the exact previous week. Of course, this is my aim, but since I had a slow start – took the pictures but didn’t post them – I still have about 2 month’s worth to catch up. So the outfits below represent what I wore at the beginning of September.Β And, my darling boyfriend, since there are 9 pictures, this is what I wore in 2 weeks, not in one week. But I thought we were cool, since I explained it here.Β πŸ˜„ […]


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