A week of outfits #9


Back when I didn’t document my outfits I always tried, as a memory exercise, to remember what I wore and what I did on the same day the week before. It was a trick that I read about somewhere which is supposed to improve your long-term memory. Because it was almost always impossible to remember, I find it so strange that now I can recall exactly what I did on the day I wore an outfit or another. The brain works in mysterious ways 😄

Day 1


This is what Ashely from bestdressed calls a “picnic bitch” top, because of its romantic style and gingham print. It’s all I ever thought about that day. That, and the fact that I loved my new haircut 😊.

(Vintage gingham top – similar here and here, Mango jeans – similar here, black platform sandals – similar here)

Day 2


Another one of my “best self” outfits: very comfortable, but also flattering. It made me feel great and I would definitely wear it again.

(New Look top, Cheap Monkey white cullote jeans – similar here, Asos sandals – similar here and here)

Day 3


A rare outfit shot that also includes my face, which is surprising because I can include my outfit or my face, I can’t seem to include both 😄. These are my “look better in reality” jeans and I 100% stand by that statement! 😊

(Mango tie-dye T-shirt – similar here, Zara jeans – similar here, Pull&Bear trainers – similar here)

Day 4


This is me at the seaside being extremely original and wearing stripes on Marine day, just like everyone else 😄

(Mango striped T-shirt – similar here, New Yorker jeans skirt – similar here and here, Public Desire chunky trainers)

Day 5


This is me at the seaside, right before I made the worst decision of the year: to go on the hammers at the amusement park. Big mistake. HUGE. (just kidding, it wasn’t the worst decision of the year, I can think of at least 3 right now, but you know how women tend to exaggerate 🙄😄)

(Koton white ribbed T-shirt – similar here, New Look dress, Public Desire chunky trainers)

Day 6


This is me at the seaside, taking a picture of the moon. It was pretty cold and I was wearing what were my warmest clothes. Actually, the hoodie wasn’t even mine – I went very unprepared for the cold weather.

(Red hoodie – similar here, Koton white ribbed T-shirt – similar here, Levi’s 712 jeans, Public Desire chunky trainers)

This is said picture of the moon 😊


Day 7


I remember being so proud of this outfit – and I still am. The shoes, the trousers and the suspenders are all the same color and they were bought on different occasions. I’ve had the suspenders for more than a decade, the shoes I think I bought last year and the trousers I bought this year. It was a very happy moment for me when I realized that their colors match. I know, I think about clothes too much 😁.

(Koton white ribbed T-shirt – similar here, Mango linen trousers – similar here, Topshop Cairo chunky trainers – similar here and here, suspenders – similar here)

Day 8


This T-shirt was an impulse purchase from Pull&Bear and I think it turned out to be a good one. I love the color so much!

(Pull&Bear T-shirt, Pull&Bear white mom jeans, Asos sandals – similar here and here)

Day 9


Another impulse purchase, but this one is from a few years ago. It’s a few sizes bigger, but I do like an oversize fit. I think I haven’t worn this since I bought it, but I rediscovered it this year and won’t forget about it again 😊.

(Vintage blue dress – similar here, Public Desire chunky trainers)

Day 10


I do love a yellow top! I had a great day wearing this outfit: went to a very nice sky-bar that I’ve always wanted to go to, met some delightful people and had a delicious meal!

(Mango top – similar here, Cheap Monday white culotte jeans – similar here, Pull&Bear black wedge espadrilles – similar here)

Day 11


Speaking of yellow tops, haha. I think I mentioned before that sometimes I dress for what I have to do that day. Here, for example, I had a massage appointment so I wore clothes and shoes that were very easy to take off, without being messy.

(Vintage linen top – similar here, Mango jeans – similar here, H&M sandals – similar here)

Day 12


These trousers are also an old purchase, one that I’m very proud of because I managed to hem them myself – they used to be super long and I made them capri.

(Koton white ribbed T-shirt – similar here, Mango trousers – similar here and here, Pull&Bear sneakers – similar here, straw bucket bag – similar here)

Hope you enjoyed this week’s post – please let me know which outfit was your favorite!

For a live look at my outfits, be sure to follow me on Instagram, I post them daily on Stories 😊.

Til next time,



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