A week of outfits #7


I feel like this one has been one of my better weeks. With the exception of one day, I really felt like my best self in all the outfits I chose this week. And what this is teaching me is that simple is always better. I generally tend to overthink everything and that includes my outfits. I try to be more creative and make certain combinations in my head, but they rarely turn out as I imagined them to be. Keeping it simple is something that I am always working on and I hope that it will become a part of me. Simple, effortless and chic, that’s the goal.

Day 1


This was… a disaster. I love the trousers, but they have a weird fit on me and I really should have them altered, and I simply hate the shirt hahaha 😄. It looks good in theory, but every time I put it on I find that it makes me feel weird. I think it’s because it gives you a square look and this doesn’t work for me since I’m short but not petite. This was the last time I wore this shirt – I gave it to a friend who I hope will get more wear out of it than I did.

(Zara trousers – similar here, Mango shirt – similar here, Public Desire chunky sneakers)

Day 2


I love this blouse so much! I bought it without trying it on back when I was a bit overweight and imagined how it will look on me. Got home, put it on and realized that I can’t even close the buttons. I liked it so much that I held onto it even though it didn’t fit and after a year or two I lost some weight, I tried it on again and it was perfect! If wearing the clothes you love is not motivation, I don’t know what is (I’m kidding, health is the best motivation).

(Zara jeans – similar here, thrifted blouse, Koton ribbed white t-shirt – similar here, Topshop Cairo chunky trainers)

Day 3


Yes, I know my mirror is dirty and it will be in the following pictures too, sorry about that. I didn’t realize it at the time and it was too late to do anything afterwards. Anyway. Back to the outfit. Classic black & white, nothing out of the ordinary here. I kept it simple and I felt great! #recipeforsuccess

(Topshop jeans – similar here and here, old white t-shirt – similar here, Nike Air Max Zero sneakers)

Day 4


I applied the same strategy a week before – because I didn’t know what to wear, I just did the reverse of the day before. So here is black & white with a twist. Incredibly comfortable, I must say.

(Pull&Bear white mom jeans, Mango t-shirt, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes – similar here)

Day 5


Yes, I wore black and white for the third time in a row. However this wasn’t planned. I planned on wearing this t-shirt with a pair of beige linen trousers, but both the trousers and the t-shirt were a bit loose so it wasn’t at all flattering. Disappointed, I turned to the old faithful black trousers. Never a letdown.

(Stradivarius trousers, Mango t-shirt – similar here, Public Desire chunky trainers)

What do you think about my keep it simple strategy? Do you think it worked?

As usual, for a live look at my outfits, follow me on Instagram where I share them daily on my stories.

See you next week,



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