A week of outfits #8


I lie… It’s actually 2 weeks of outfits! And I will go on lying for a while – until I catch up to the present, that is. So the series is still called “a week of outfits”, but it will contain at least 2 weeks’ worth of outfits. I don’t mind, I hope you don’t either ūüėä.

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A week of outfits #7


I feel like this one has been one of my better weeks. With the exception of one day, I really felt like my best self in all the outfits I chose this week. And what this is teaching me is that simple is always better. I generally tend to overthink everything and that includes my outfits. I try to be more creative and make certain combinations in my head, but they rarely turn out as I imagined them to be. Keeping it simple is something that I am always working on and I hope that it will become a part of me. Simple, effortless and chic, that’s the goal.

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