It’s really all about the shoes

Really, it is just about the shoes, though it doesn’t seem like it at first. I’ve kinda fallen in love with Nike Air Max. These shoes are my current obsession – believe me, I’ve shown restraint seen as I only pinned just a couple of these shoes on my Pinterest (I wanted to pin them all!). I love love love them! ❤

So the idea of this outfit was to create something that I’d like to wear, something that goes well with these shoes. And I think it’s pretty obvious that what I’d like to be wearing (like aaaaalll theee time!) is burgundy. I’m kinda obsessed with it and with sweaters as well, so this one with the cute little storks seemed like the obvious choice!

Let me tell you, I love everything about this outfit and I’d love to be able to wear it, but around here, the weather really doesn’t let you wear sneakers right now. And later it will be too hot for sweaters, so herein lies my lifelong drama. 🙂

Right now it’s all-you-can-wear cold around here so maybe I’ll just purchase a pair of these Air Max Nikes and save for later. You never know what might come and it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Have a great week!



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