LV = love


I’d be lying if I’d tell you that I’ve never dreamed of owning a Louis Vuitton bag. Just like any fashion loving girl, I’ve always wanted a LV bag, ever since I found out what or better yet who designers are. Of course, I’m just a small town girl (yeah, just like Jesse’s girl ūüėÄ ), so I could never afford one – I mean I could, if I wouldn’t buy anything else for an entire year or if I’d sell one of my kidneys, but I can never seem to do that… Just kidding of course. But you have to admit, designer pieces¬†are¬†expensive and not in everyone’s price range. But a girl can dream…Read More »

It’s really all about the shoes

Really, it is just about the shoes, though it doesn’t seem like it at first. I’ve kinda fallen in love with Nike Air Max. These shoes are my current obsession – believe me, I’ve shown restraint seen as I only¬†pinned just a couple¬†of these shoes on my Pinterest¬†(I wanted to pin them all!). I love love love them! ‚̧

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