French gratin potatoes my way


This is the story of how you can improvise with ingredients that you have on hand. It’s one of the simplest recipes ever and I think you can enjoy these potatoes on their own or as a side dish because they’re so delicious!

I knew this recipe from my mom and I’ve made it her way before, but I didn’t quite like how it turned out (Sorry, mom, it’s not you, it’s me šŸ™‚ I think.). So when my boyfriend wanted some cheesy baked potatoes a few days ago, it was the perfect occasion to improvise and make them my way. It just so happens that I had all the ingredients I wanted in my fridge. All I needed was some potatoes (d’oh), cheese, eggs, cream and some condiments. So I got cookin’.

Since this was improvisation, you already know I don’t have any measurements for you, but you can easily approximate depending on the quantity of potatoes you have on hand. So to start off, you need to peel the potatoes and chop them in whatever way you like them (I did them julienne) and boil them in a large pot. While they’re cooking, you can make your “filling”. I used 5 eggs which I beat up and seasoned them with some salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. Then I added some cream – I think it was 400 grams, but I can’t be sure. I mixed them together and then added a good amount of grated cheese to the mix. I also added some grated Grana Padano just because I love the taste.

After the potatoes were boiled, I drained them and put them in my oven pan, which I’d already lined with someĀ baking paper. I poured my mix as evenly as I could over my potatoes and topped them off with some more grated cheese. Then I baked until they got golden on top (I think it was for about 20 minutes) at 180 degrees Celsius. And voila! My cheesy baked potatoes were done!



I was really pleased with my result and I think that the only way they could’ve turned out better is if I had my smaller and taller pan at home. But, unfortunately, I forgot it at my friend’s place after we got together on Christmas (and I brought over some really delicious cheesecake) so I had to make due.



Oh, and I know this isn’t Julia Child’s classic French gratin potatoes recipe, but over here this is what we call baked potatoes with cheese and eggs – French gratin potatoes. But it’s an awesome recipe nonetheless because I believe that it’s so easy that literally everyone can make it.

What’s your favorite easy-to-make recipe?

Have a great, relaxing weekend, full of good food and good company!



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