What I’ve been up to lately


Hi guys! I know it’s been a long while, but it took me some time to start feeling like myself again. The Covid-19 outbreak and social distancing period really had an impact on my mental health (but thank God for my physical health during this time!).

While things haven’t changed much for me in terms of work – working from home but (thankfully) still working full time – they changed a lot socially. I really felt the distancing part: I was very much missing my friends and family, missing my very long walks and my weekends exploring the city. I also miss wearing my “presentable human” clothes and looking like a woman, instead of a troll 90% of the time (my fiancĂ© is a lucky man huh?! 😅).

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Celebratory cream puffs

It’s been forever since my last post – but most importantly, it’s been a year since my first blog post. So, as a celebration, I’ve decided to share with you my favorite dessert and a recipe that’s dear to me, as it’s not one I found on the internet, but one given to me by my talented mother. So hang on to your hats, this one comes with exact quantities and instructions and everything!

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Black beauty


Okay, so because yesterday I cooked some main course dishes, today I decided that it was a good day to get back to baking, my first love. Considering my latest failures in the field, I decided I’ll try something simple. And I figured, what’s simpler than baking a brownie?

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Sunday (clumsy) cooking day


So today I decided that I was going to cook. Now, I’m a good cook – not to brag or anything, but I’ve learned a lot helping my mom in the kitchen since I was 10 years old, so most of my knowledge and technique comes from her. But lately, I’ve been having a lot of bad luck in the kitchen – this almost never happens to me. Like two weeks ago I tried making an upside down apple cake, a cake I’ve made at least ten times before, but I managed to mess it up somehow. Actually, I tried to make that cake twice. The first time it all went well until I had to make the sponge. So I wanted to use 8 eggs for my sponge and separated the egg whites from the yolks, I began beating them and they never rose. So in my frustration, I threw everything away and tried making the same cake a few nights later. This was a disaster from the beginning: I ruined the melted sugar twice and when the cake finally came out from the oven and it was time to flip it over it all came crumbling down – literally. I think the apples were to big and the sponge just collapsed around them when I flipped it over. Maybe when I’ll make this recipe again and if it actually comes out the way I want it to I will share it with you guys. Until then, let’s talk about what I cooked today.

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