Lily Pad by Zara


Lily Pad is the first fragrance I bought from Zara and I gotta admit, it was an impulse-purchase. I was at the cash-register with a friend and while she was paying for her stuff (I tried to not buy anything… but failed) I smelled a few fragrances and I liked this one so much that I bought it.


I must say, I’m really glad that I did, because it smells really really good and persists for an average of 6 hrs (I wanted to say for 8 hours, but let’s keep it real). Also, besides the smell, I like this perfume because it reminds me of the show How I Met Your Mother – cause, you know, that was Marshall’s nickname for his wife Lily, and they were one of the greatest TV couples in history. #goals

The gif above is in no way connected to the subject of this post, but I stumbled upon it while I was looking for a “Lily Pad”one and it’s just too funny not to share.

Anyhow, back to the original subject of this post, which was the fragrance. Lily Pad, by Zara. It’s a sweet and floral perfume, but not too pungent. Just the right combinations of scents to make it a feminine perfume (you can have a look below at the notes). I love it and I think that it was the best thing that I impulse-bought in a while.


Top notes: Fruits cocktail; Blood tangerine; (I took this from the back of the box)
Heart: Floral explosion; Heliotrope flower; (I swear I’m not coming up with this…”floral explosion” – ha! 🙂 )
Base notes: Sandalwood; Vanilla bean; Addictive praline; (this one’s cool… I mean all pralines are addictive, amirite? 😉 )

What is/was your favorite thing that you bought on a whim?

Have a great one!



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