Gone mint-crazy

This cute message is made by my friend Ioana at Papurr Project ^_^
This cute message is made by my friend Ioana at Papurr Project ^_^

I’ve never had a favorite color, not really, not like most people do. If you ask my friend Teo what her favorite color is the answer will definitely be green. If you asked her 5, 10, 15 years ago, the answer would’ve been, I’m sure, the same. I, for one, have never known the answer to this question. I could always tell you what colors I don’t like, but these, as well, changed as time went by. In my old age (just kidding, I have never been younger! 🙂 ) I can say that I don’t really dislike colors anymore – because it’s not nice to discriminate, you guys! 🙂 –  but let’s just say that I enjoy some color combinations more than I do others.

What I have noticed over the years is a preference for certain colors and shades when buying things – clothes, accessories, nail polishes, notebooks, interior decorations etc. – a preference that starts off as an obsession – I just have to surround myself with as many things colored a certain way. As far as I remember, there have been 3 colors I’ve been obsessed with in my life: baby-blue, burgundy (or marsala) and (currently) mint.


For me, 2016 was about everything minty: clothes, accessories, packages, bottles, phone cases, everything. Didn’t really matter the shade or the intensity or whether it was blue-mint or minty green. I could literally buy anything just because it featured this color. Now I know that 2016 is over and I feel like my obsession is coming to an end, but I just couldn’t let it pass without having my nails painted minty green, now that I have a nail artist I love. I must admit, it was pure chance that I decided to have my nails done this way (because Sascha didn’t have the color I originally wanted), but I love-love-love the end result. I also like the shape of my nails and I think that it goes perfectly with the color.

minty-4 minty-2 20170119_213513

I think it was the perfect way to end the minty chapter of my life. Let it be known that I will still buy mint-green things, but not exclusively – I think it’s time we start seeing other people.

What are your favorite colors?

Have a good one,



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