New Year’s Eve nail bling


Well, not literally. Although they were pretty shiny.

Before New Year’s I had my latest appointment to get my nails done. All fine and dandy except I had no idea what they wanted to look like – which is so unlike my-control-freak-self. But then I was given the most wonderful news – they were finally long enough to be painted a dark color, so of course I went for black. (I am exaggerating, it wasn’t literally the most wonderful news, but it was pretty good considering that I’ve been wanting for like 2 months to paint my nail a dark color, but couldn’t. Why do you guys have to take things so literal all the time…GOD!)Anyway, so Sascha (the awesome chick who does my nails) doesn’t really like her clients to leave appointments with boring plain nails, and I don’t blame her – if I had her talent, I wouldn’t want to waste it on plain nails either. So there was no way I was leaving her place with just black nails. However, I’m really not one for shiny-sparkly nails – actually I am not used to them. But I stumbled upon some gold foil when I was trying to look for some “bling” I might actually like to wear and it was perfect. We decided that gold was too… gold, so we chose blue to give them an icy feel, and pink because…well, because pink’s cute, you guys!


I think they turned out pretty awesome and was so excited about the result.


Of course, I’m already impatient for my next appointment, because when are really ever pleased with what we have?

Pfs, women, right?

Until next time,

xoxo, Gos… uhm, I mean, Andreea. (Sorry, been watching a lot of Gossip Girl re-runs lately – no worries tho, I’m washing them off with a lot of Black Mirror and Sherlock)

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