Boris, our new bundle of joy


Yes, this is gonna be a cat post.

So, I’v been really absent lately, but for good reasons – mainly two.

The first one – the unbearable heat. Seriously, for two weeks now it’s been 40 degrees Celsius almost non-stop. We live on the last floor of our building and the sun shines permanently in our bedrooms. So as you can imagine, our house has turned into a sauna. It’s unbearable – at least for me, my boyfriend does not seem to feel the heat as intense as I do, I’m beginning to think he’s a lizard – a few days ago we had a water fight indoors, but don’t worry, everything dried off in no time as our house is an oven. So, as a result (of the heat, not the water fight), I’ve tried to limit my time on the computer because it also generates heat and it feels like typing through fire.


The second one – our new adorable and shnuggable kitten! (to be honest, I wish he were shnuggable, but actually, to our great disappointment, he hates being held). Boris was a gift for my birthday (which was almost two months ago) – the best gift ever! Because he was so small and needed to spend a little more time with his mother, he joined our family a month ago. Let me tell you, I was super excited and super worried at the same time. We already had a cat (I’ve shared a picture of her in a previous post), our loyal princess Zsa Zsa, but wanted a companion for her as she often got bored and meowed at the walls and stared at the ceiling. You know, as ALL CATS DO.

Aaanyway, Zsa Zsa is super clingy and jealous, so I was very afraid they would not get along. There was some tension in the first two days, but she soon started to accept him. By the end of his first week in our home, they were already playing together. You can’t imagine how happy we are with the entire situation! Firstly, because our beloved Zsa Zsa has a play-time companion – mission accomplished! – this is what we wanted from the start. Secondly, because they are both happy and they get along. She cleans him almost daily, he follows her everywhere and they play together like they’ve been friends all their lives. Thirdly, because he did not feel homesick at all – did not cry for his mom, for his brothers (or sisters, rather) – he sleeps through the night – mostly, when he doesn’t sleep it’s not because he is crying, but because he is playing. We’re just one big happy family now!

boris-9boris-5 boris-7IMG_20150801_120430boris-8 boris-3boris-2 boris-10 boris-1

The only minor issues we have are: 1. he chews on ALL power cords (as you can clearly see above), which is very dangerous for him – we are currently working on fixing this; 2. they have to eat separately, because he has special kitten food and she has special food for sterilized cats, so this is kind of a problem in terms of us┬áleaving our home. Don’t get me wrong, we have left them alone together and nothing gets broken, nothing is out of place, which means they are well behaved, but the food thing means they have to receive their meals under supervision, which means we have to get a cat-sitter if we want to go on vacation.

Other than that, having two cats is no different than having one – except they are happier and we are in a better mood because we get to witness their cuteness daily. Everyone said that it’s gonna be so hard taking care of two cats due to the extra responsibility and extra cat hair and the chaos of having a kitten. I’m so glad my two bundles of joy proved everybody wrong. As I am typing this post, they are chasing each other through the house (don’t worry, they never break anything) – it’s the cutest thing!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the cat pictures! Have a happy weekend!



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