Black beauty


Okay, so because yesterday I cooked some main course dishes, today I decided that it was a good day to get back to baking, my first love. Considering my latest failures in the field, I decided I’ll try something simple. And I figured, what’s simpler than baking a brownie?

So, as the food porn addict that I am, I searched FoodGawker for the best (and easiest) brownie recipe out there. Picked one out of the bunch – found on Chateau Elma – and started cooking. I adapted the recipe a bit – used a mixer and didn’t make the frosting – I told you guys, I’m lazy :)) – but it turned out great! I absolutely love the deep black color of the brownie, which also comes with a rich flavor. I like chocolate, but it’s not the one for me (I’m more of a vanilla gal) and also dry sweets are not my favorite – I always go for the creamiest desert – preferably ice cream. But this was so tasty, I don’t regret my choice, not in the slightest! I must admit, I had a few squares with some milk and my boyfriend already ate half of it, so I would say it’s a success! 😀

brownie-1 brownie-2 brownie-3 brownie-4 brownie-6

Side note: My dad married a baker (my amazing mom!) 30 years ago and knows best what that means. He was a skinny guy when they married, but he gradually started putting on weight as the years of their marriage piled on. My mom baked something sweet every weekend – no exception – and sometimes I am amazed by the fact that my sister and I were thin growing up. When my dad decided to lose some weight (actually, a lot of weight) a few years ago, I think my mom was a little bit heart-broken because she couldn’t share her baking with him anymore. Of course she was supportive and he ended up losing a lot of weight, but she had to settle with just preparing his oatmeal every morning :). So, every time I go home to visit my folks, my dad always tells my boyfriend to be careful with my cooking cause even though personality wise I am a lot like my dad, he knows I inherited my mom’s enthusiasm to share my cooking with the ones I love.

Have a great week!


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