BES Movie Colors – Violet hair dye

You probably know already – if you don’t, you can always read about it here – that I went through some crazy shit with my hair this year – how it all started from some highlights and how I ended up being more blonde than I could have ever even imagined – and not in the good sense!

Aaaanyway, I’ve told you the story of my hair, but told you almost nothing about the hair dye, which was really stupid from my part, because after I bought it I searched online for an entire evening to find something out about it and decide if I should use it or not. I found some stuff from years ago, but it wasn’t that much. However, I decided Fuck it! I can’t look worse than I already do! – AND I DIDN’T!! (At least that’s what I think)

My thoughts on the Movie Colors violet hair dye from BES below.

Why I bought it

Well, mostly because it was the most accessible product of its type – it was cheap and easy to find (this was the selling point for me). Also at that point I couldn’t stand my hair and wanted to change it SO badly, but also didn’t want to damage it more, and this was the perfect compromise because this dye doesn’t contain ammonia. The third reason was that it was semi-permanent, which meant that if I hated it, I wouldn’t have to live with it for too long.

Why violet? Well, first of all because I believe that I look my best in cold shades – warm colors really don’t represent me and do not bring out my best features – I think I just look weird (which is the main reason I hated my orange-blonde hair so much)! Secondly, because I thought about a color that would neutralize the orange and I figured that purple was kinda it. Thirdly, because I like it, d’oh! 😀

Managed to achieve the perfect messy bun (by mistake) and took a picture of it – it shows my hair color perfectly (also matching my phone case! ^_^)

What I thought of it

So I read the instructions and thought Nah, I don’t want something so bright, I only wanna tint my hair a bit and decided that I wouldn’t leave it on for 20 minutes on dry hair like the label said, but that I would use it as a conditioner on my wet hair, for a maximum of 5 minutes. I’m glad I only did this because, let me tell you, the color is strong with this one! I mean, for the max 5 minutes I left the dye on my wet hair it worked wonders and left visible results. I was scared of using it because I didn’t really know how it would look like and how I would look like wearing it, but I think it turned out pretty good, considering I didn’t use a brush to apply the product to my hair and didn’t follow the instructions. My hair didn’t turn violet, however, but it turned a very cute pink color. Turns out I did this experiment right and looked rather ok, because I got compliments and people saying I’m quite trendy (because cotton candy colored hair was really in fashion at the time).

For some reason my S7 wanted to make me look even more orange, so I turned the brightness up trying to show you the real color. Well my hair still looks orange and now I look like a ghost XD


How my hair looked 2-3 weeks after I’d dyed it

I think the color lasted for about 6 to 8 washes – but my hair was visibly less colorful after the first shampooing – then it turned a very pleasant pastel-colored pink. But I liked it so much that I did another round of coloring after like 2-3 weeks. And this time I used a comb to apply and left it longer in my hair. The results were visible – my hair was more pink than the last time (I had strands of hair that were even violet), but not as strong as I would’ve expected. Because I was expecting results in my orange-blonde hair as well, but it wasn’t even noticeable there. So my conclusion is that you have to have light to very light hair for this dye to give you a bright color that will stay with you longer – the blonder you are, the better the results. And of course, I heard that it also depends on the color you choose – for example, it seems that green will last the longest.

Obviously the results aren’t magnificent when you try to take a selfie of your hair 😀

What I think I loved the most about this dye was that it gave me a different look without damaging my hair – because it doesn’t contain any ammonia. So, to sum up, BES Movie Colors hair dye is quick, semi-permanent and offers bright colors without damaging the hair. I would totally recommend it! (I am tempted to use it every time I wash my hair) It comes in so many different colors (from purple to green to blue and orange and everything in between), it’s accessible and easy to find  (I think it’s available in all dm stores in Romania).

On an ending note, a word of advice: be careful when using this dye because it will stain everything: your hands, your shower curtain, your sink/bath tub. Always use gloves when applying it and rinse immediately if it falls on anything (in case you’re left with a stain on the bathroom floor/sink/bath tub, it comes off with Domestos – household cleaning product that contains bleach).

Let me know what you think!




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