Twin Peaks – the original

Disclaimer: I know I said in a previous post that I’m too busy to post anything else, but before you judge, watching Twin Peaks falls into the category “spending time with my boyfriend”, something necessary in every relationship. So you see, I had no choice. Haha, I’m rationalizing 😀

So I don’t think I ever told you guys, but I’m kind of annoying, especially to my boyfriend. Annoying how, you ask? Well let me paint you a word picture: I spend (or I used to) a lot of time on the internet, and besides the usual Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest browsing, I like to research stuff and usually wind up finding lots of trivia about God knows what. Anyhow, he keeps sending me memes or whatever and I always reply with “I already know it”. I know it seems like an asshole move BUT… I am usually very easily amused and if I look at a funny picture and don’t laugh my ass off then something’s wrong. So I prefer to tell the truth, but he hates me for it, haha. 😀 So one evening we were talking and as one thing leads to another he finds out that I haven’t seen Twin Peaks and don’t know anything about it (‘o’) *insert gasp here*. Anyway, after a night of gloating because he finally found something I don’t know, we decided that we should watch it, and the plan was to finish it before the new one came out, but sadly we did not make it. We have half a season left to watch and this would have been manageable in normal conditions, but as I previously mentioned, one of my best friends’ wedding was this weekend.

“Through the darkness of future past

The magician longs to see.

One chants out between two worlds

Fire walk with me.”

What I think about Twin Peaks

I love it – or at least what I’ve seen so far! I mean it does have its strong points and its weak points (I’ll go through this below), but the overall result is quite good and the show is captivating. The story is that one day a teenage girl from the small town of Twin Peaks is found dead and FBI Agent Dale Cooper is called to investigate. I won’t tell you more than this, you’ll just have to watch.

The strong points

+ The story – I mean, if you don’t know more than what I already told you, it’s gonna be an interesting ride. Just remember to keep an open mind. Again, I don’t want to tell you more because I don’t want to give anything away.

+ The soundtrack – I told you guys I knew nothing about the show, not even that the song “Falling” by Julee Cruise, a song I’ve heard so many times before, but had no idea that it was the theme song for Twin Peaks. Now, I don’t think I can listen to it again and not think about Agent Dale Cooper. Just like nowadays when Lady Gaga appeared on Gossip Girl or The Killers on The O.C., such was the case with Twin Peaks, where Julee Cruise has several performances throughout the show. The soundtrack is very simple – you have the theme song in many forms, some “romance” music, some “comedy” music and “mystery” music and that’s about it – but it’s effective. I mean it is for me – it gets me into a spooky mood.

+ Definitely Kyle MacLachlan – my God, was he a handsome young man! I wasn’t really his fan – I knew him first as lame-ass Trey MacDougal in Sex and the City, as Orson in Desperate Housewives and then as The Captain in How I Met Your Mother and I always noticed he was a good actor – he had the “crazy-eyes” look down. But I didn’t really get to see his charismatic side until now. He is very charming and such a good actor that he made his character adorable and loveable. Agent Dale Cooper is smart, good looking, kind and honest, but also respected by everyone he meets or works with, so you cannot help but like him.

+ The relationships – 2 of them, to be exact. First, there’s the brotherly relationship between Agent Dale Cooper and sheriff Harry Truman, but also the awesome way they get along with deputy Hawk and Andy. Not only do they enjoy working together, but they also like and admire one another, and I think that’s so cool! How I wish that every team I’ll ever be a part of be this tight and work so smoothly. Then there’s the relationship between Agent Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne. At first you think that she’s just a vixen looking for trouble, but all she wants is to help him. I love their openness about their feelings and I’m really rooting for them, despite their age difference and that’s because they have such good chemistry. I’m really hoping they’re married or at least together in the new 2017 version of  the show.

+ Leland Palmer – my God was he strange! The Palmers creeped me out since the beginning. I know they lost their daughter and all, but, man, did they have strange behaviors. Whenever she wasn’t screaming, she always seemed to be drugged. He was even stranger with his stupid dancing and singing all the time. But I have to give props to the guy – he had a damn good voice. He’s one of those people who have that “crazy-eyes” look down.

+ Killer Bob – can’t really end this list without him. I don’t think he had any lines, but he scared the shit out of me, every time he appeared (out of nowhere) and I think that’s talent. He wasn’t dressed up, he wasn’t masked, wasn’t disfigured – he was just himself and still managed to make my blood stand still whenever he appeared. Good job, Bob!

The weak points:

– James Hurley and Donna Hayward – if there was ever a boring couple, this is it. Didn’t really want to include Donna at first, but she had that “bad girl” act at some point and that really can’t go unmentioned because it was annoying as hell. But even more annoying was James – he was really not believable and Laura was right – he was stupid! They both did some stupid things and did not have any chemistry together. Ugh, sorry guys, big thumbs down.

– Sheriff Harry Truman’s lame ass punches – I mean, come on, even a turtle could’ve dodged his hits, he was so slow and unnatural.

The Nadine story – WTH!! This is one of my biggest problems – she was crazy and strong as the Hulk, but everyone seemed to play along… Every time she appeared I kept asking myself “What the hell is wrong with these people? Why don’t they just lock her up?”. I hope there’s an explanation by the end of the show or else this is just plain stupid.

Most of the second season of the show is kind of a mess. They had such a strong start in season 1, but kinda lost track of things in the second season and kept forgetting about stuff. Like in one episode the one-armed man comes looking for sheriff Truman, but they meet like 2-3 episodes later and this whole time I’m like “What happened to him? Where has he been this whole time?”. Also as we began the second half of season 2, we realized that everything turned into a soap rather than a thriller, as it was before. I find it hard to continue, but I must see it through if I want to find out the entire story.

I started watching Twin Peaks mostly for the 90’s nostalgia (you know I have an obsession), but also out of curiosity. What I found was a show that had potential and I’m so excited to find out how the remake turned out! I bet it’s sooo awesome! In the meantime, no spoilers, please, I still have some episodes to go, as well as the 1992 prequel Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.

If you watched the show, please let me know what you think in the comments below. If you haven’t yet, happy binging! (^_^)




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