What I’ve been up to lately


Hi guys! I know it’s been a long while, but it took me some time to start feeling like myself again. The Covid-19 outbreak and social distancing period really had an impact on my mental health (but thank God for my physical health during this time!).

While things haven’t changed much for me in terms of work – working from home but (thankfully) still working full time – they changed a lot socially. I really felt the distancing part: I was very much missing my friends and family, missing my very long walks and my weekends exploring the city. I also miss wearing my “presentable human” clothes and looking like a woman, instead of a troll 90% of the time (my fianc√© is a lucky man huh?! ūüėÖ).

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Living abroad


I’ve been absent quite a while, but honestly this has happened almost all year so you must be used to it by now, haha. If during spring and summer the reason has been the amount of social events I had to attend, now it’s work related. All of you who read my previous post know that I’m currently in Paris for work. I had to be here for two months, one of which has already passed. Seemed like now would be a good time to share a realistic view on what it’s like to live abroad – my realistic view, at least. So here goes.

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Twin Peaks – the original

Disclaimer: I know I said in a previous¬†post that I’m too busy to post anything else, but before you judge, watching Twin Peaks falls into the category “spending time with my boyfriend”, something necessary in every relationship. So¬†you see, I had no choice.¬†Haha, I’m rationalizing ūüėÄ

So I don’t think I ever told you guys, but I’m kind of annoying, especially to my boyfriend. Annoying how, you ask?¬†Well¬†let me paint you a¬†word picture:¬†I spend (or I used to) a lot of time on the internet, and besides the usual Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest browsing, I like to research stuff and usually wind up finding lots of trivia about God knows what. Anyhow, he keeps sending me memes or whatever and I always reply with “I already know it”. I know it seems like an asshole move BUT… I am usually very easily amused and if I look at¬†a funny¬†picture and don’t laugh my ass off then something’s wrong. So I prefer to tell the truth, but he hates me for it, haha. ūüėÄ So¬†one evening we were talking and as one thing leads to another he finds out that I haven’t seen Twin Peaks and don’t know anything about it¬†(‘o’) *insert gasp here*. Anyway, after a night of gloating because he finally found something I don’t know, we decided that we should watch it, and the plan was to finish it before the new one came out, but sadly we did not make it.¬†We have half a season left to watch and this would have been manageable in normal conditions, but as I previously mentioned, one of my best friends’ wedding was this weekend.Read More »

I’m not dead


Well not “dead” for real, obviously. It’s just my morbid way of saying that I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I’m sorry, expressions such as “signs of life” and “I’m alive” keep on coming to mind, I don’t know why I can’t let go of this metaphor, haha.

Aaanyway, getting back to it – I’ve been absent for a long time and I have quite a lot to tell you guys, but I have no idea when I’ll be able to do it. The past month has been kind of hectic and I have three more weeks to go and then I’ll be able to calm down a bit. I think. Let me paint you a picture of my past month: Easter, then right after that, Geneva, then came back, then it was Labor-day weekend (consisting of 3 full crazy days of driving around) and¬†this weekend I managed to break my laptop and wasted my whole Saturday fixing it (it was my own fault, really). Next weekend is full as well (we’re going to a birthday party for my boyfriend’s tiny nephew), while the weekend after that is the biggest event of the year (of my social calendar, of course): one of my best and oldest* friends is getting married!!! Exciting!

*When I say oldest, I definitely don’t mean that she’s old, haha¬†– she’s quite the young, hot piece of ass. No, by “oldest” I mean that we know each-other since we were 7. So this fall we celebrate 20 beautiful years of friendship. I’m very lucky to have not one, but four close friends that¬†I have known for 20 years. She is the first one of our bunch to get married and it’s emotional to say the least. I was there for every step of her love story¬†– when she first told me about him (well, doh), was there when they first met, was there since the beginning and really can’t wait to be there for them every step of the way on their big day. And can’t wait for my other three dear and lovely friends to get married as well. (^_^)

The weekend after her wedding I’m planning on going on a short trip to the seaside, while the weekend after that is my birthday. So maybe sometime in the second half of June I’ll be able to take a nap and maybe clean my house properly, haha. But I really hope that by then I’ll be able to post at least the pictures from Geneva. Oh, and of my new hair, because I had it dyed after all! It looks so gooood! Until then, you can follow me on my Facebook and Instagram, I’ve been pretty active on social media and I’m not planning to stop now! ūüôā



About people-pleasers and how to stop being one

I’ve been talking to a friend about what it really means to be happy. We are quite similar and we are facing the same issues when it comes to feeling happy and fulfilled on a daily basis. We’ve realized that we’re both making the same mistake, which is caring too much – about others, about what people think of us. This leads us to putting other people first instead of ourselves. We will always be the girls who’ll try to make everyone happy, always thinking about how the other person will feel if we disagree or refuse. This drives us to compromise at almost every step in order to not upset the other person (which would make us feel guilty). However, here’s the catch: making other people happy does not make¬†us happy. And putting them first makes us frustrated. So why do we keep doing it? Read More »