The last 5 manicures of 2017

And when I say “the last 5 manicures of 2017” it actually means my manicures in the past 5-6 months. I know, my nails and my blog haven’t been my top priorities in the last half of 2017, but for good reason. August was full-on wedding season and also packing for the following 2 months I spent in Paris, while the last 2 months of the year have been all about re-settling into my Bucharest life, catching up with everyone and holidays hype. So here I am on the New-Year’s-Eve Eve doing a recap of my latest manicures.

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New Year’s Eve nail bling


Well, not literally. Although they were pretty shiny.

Before New Year’s I had my latest appointment to get my nails done. All fine and dandy except I had no idea what they wanted to look like – which is so unlike my-control-freak-self. But then I was given the most wonderful news – they were finally long enough to be painted a dark color, so of course I went for black. (I am exaggerating, it wasn’t literally the most wonderful news, but it was pretty good considering that I’ve been wanting for like 2 months to paint my nail a dark color, but couldn’t. Why do you guys have to take things so literal all the time…GOD!)Read More »