Gone mint-crazy

This cute message is made by my friend Ioana at Papurr Project ^_^
This cute message is made by my friend Ioana at Papurr Project ^_^

I’ve never had a favorite color, not really, not like most people do. If you ask my friend Teo what her favorite color is the answer will definitely be green. If you asked her 5, 10, 15 years ago, the answer would’ve been, I’m sure, the same. I, for one, have never known the answer to this question. I could always tell you what colors I don’t like, but these, as well, changed as timeĀ went by. In my old age (just kidding, I have never been younger! šŸ™‚ ) I can say that I don’t really dislike colors anymoreĀ – becauseĀ it’s notĀ nice to discriminate, you guys!Ā šŸ™‚ –Ā  but let’s just say that I enjoy some color combinations more than I doĀ others.Read More »


New Year’s Eve nail bling


Well, not literally. Although they were pretty shiny.

Before New Year’s I had my latest appointment to get my nails done. All fine and dandy except I had no idea what they wanted to look like – which is so unlike my-control-freak-self. But then I was given the most wonderful news – they were finally long enough to be painted a dark color, so of course I went for black. (I am exaggerating, it wasn’t literally the most wonderful news, but it was pretty good considering that I’ve been wanting for like 2 months to paint my nail a dark color, but couldn’t. Why do you guys have to take things so literal all the time…GOD!)Read More »