Happy nails, 2018 edition, part 1

I think we all know I’ve been a bad girl this year – and by bad I mean absent from this blog. What you don’t know is all the pretty manicures I’ve had done during this time by the awesome girls at Kitty Claws! They really can do anything that you want, while taking care of your nails at the same time. So here are the first 5 manicures I’ve had in 2018:

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Happy nails

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’ve developed a passion for unique manicures and that I have a nail artist who supports my madness. If you don’t, you can read the story here. Our romance is still ongoing, though I haven’t really had time to post my latest designs because, well, I haven’t really had time to post anything else either. I mostly blame it on binge-watching Twin Peaks, but I also had some personal matters to take care of as well, so I haven’t procrastinated as much as you think.

I think I’m now at my fifth manicure since the last one I posted, but I will walk you only through 4, because my latest manicure is so special that I want to dedicate an entire post to it. You can see all my 4 manicures after the jump!  (click on read more)Read More »