New Year’s Eve nail bling


Well, not literally. Although they were pretty shiny.

Before New Year’s I had my latest appointment to get my nails done. All fine and dandy except I had no idea what they wanted to look like – which is so unlike my-control-freak-self. But then I was given the most wonderful news – they were finally long enough to be painted a dark color, so of course I went for black. (I am exaggerating, it wasn’t literally the most wonderful news, but it was pretty good considering that I’ve been wanting for like 2 months to paint my nail a dark color, but couldn’t. Why do you guys have to take things so literal all the time…GOD!)Read More »


Happy New Year!!! – Wishes for the 2016

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Okay, so… I really didn’t want to do this, because I find New Year’s resolutions to be kind of cliche. But, you know, I do have some wishes for the new year, as I’m sure everybody does, and I also love lists, so might as well combine the two and call them hopes, dreams or wishes – although great in theory, I think resolutions are too strict and that’s why people are inclined to break them. So I hope these things will happen in 2016 and I will do what I can to make them happen. But, although there is hope and good intentions, there is no certainty because none of us can control every little thing in our lives or the lives of others – believe me, as a control freak, it is very hard for me to admit these things! 🙂

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