Still got the blues


I know I’ve bragged a few posts ago about how warm and sunny it is in Bucharest and how spring has arrived – I was wrong, I must’ve meant autumn. :)) It seems that we deserved exactly 2 weeks of warm weather and now it’s back to rain and lower temperatures. Hey, we could’ve gotten nothing at all, right?

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Gone mint-crazy

This cute message is made by my friend Ioana at Papurr Project ^_^
This cute message is made by my friend Ioana at Papurr Project ^_^

I’ve never had a favorite color, not really, not like most people do. If you ask my friend Teo what her favorite color is the answer will definitely be green. If you asked her 5, 10, 15 years ago, the answer would’ve been, I’m sure, the same. I, for one, have never known the answer to this question. I could always tell you what colors I don’t like, but these, as well, changed as time went by. In my old age (just kidding, I have never been younger! 🙂 ) I can say that I don’t really dislike colors anymore – because it’s not nice to discriminate, you guys! 🙂 –  but let’s just say that I enjoy some color combinations more than I do others.Read More »

Being a girly-girl


This weekend I went to the seaside with my boyfriend and one of our favorite activities is to visit all the resorts and find nice places to have a coffee and spend some time together. Because the weather wasn’t nice enough for sunbathing, not to mention the traditional kind of bathing, we wanted to do something fun and so we searched for some rides in all the resorts – but being off-season, there were none that were functional. So we walked around doing touristy stuff.

Wandering in some souvenir-shops, I found a good deal on Gabrini nail-polishes (a Turkish cosmetics company, if I am not mistaken): beautiful shades at a low price. And as you can see, I went a little overboard with my purchase, buying seven different colored nail-polishes altogether. Talk about being an overly-excited girly-girl who can’t make up her mind! And I got even more excited when the sales lady told me that I can choose an extra one just because I purchased so many! So I wound up buying 8 bottles of nail polish at the low price of approximately 9 EUR.

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