I’m not dead


Well not “dead” for real, obviously. It’s just my morbid way of saying that I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I’m sorry, expressions such as “signs of life” and “I’m alive” keep on coming to mind, I don’t know why I can’t let go of this metaphor, haha.

Aaanyway, getting back to it – I’ve been absent for a long time and I have quite a lot to tell you guys, but I have no idea when I’ll be able to do it. The past month has been kind of hectic and I have three more weeks to go and then I’ll be able to calm down a bit. I think. Let me paint you a picture of my past month: Easter, then right after that, Geneva, then came back, then it was Labor-day weekend (consisting of 3 full crazy days of driving around) and this weekend I managed to break my laptop and wasted my whole Saturday fixing it (it was my own fault, really). Next weekend is full as well (we’re going to a birthday party for my boyfriend’s tiny nephew), while the weekend after that is the biggest event of the year (of my social calendar, of course): one of my best and oldest* friends is getting married!!! Exciting!

*When I say oldest, I definitely don’t mean that she’s old, haha – she’s quite the young, hot piece of ass. No, by “oldest” I mean that we know each-other since we were 7. So this fall we celebrate 20 beautiful years of friendship. I’m very lucky to have not one, but four close friends that I have known for 20 years. She is the first one of our bunch to get married and it’s emotional to say the least. I was there for every step of her love story – when she first told me about him (well, doh), was there when they first met, was there since the beginning and really can’t wait to be there for them every step of the way on their big day. And can’t wait for my other three dear and lovely friends to get married as well. (^_^)

The weekend after her wedding I’m planning on going on a short trip to the seaside, while the weekend after that is my birthday. So maybe sometime in the second half of June I’ll be able to take a nap and maybe clean my house properly, haha. But I really hope that by then I’ll be able to post at least the pictures from Geneva. Oh, and of my new hair, because I had it dyed after all! It looks so gooood! Until then, you can follow me on my Facebook and Instagram, I’ve been pretty active on social media and I’m not planning to stop now! 🙂



How I came to have “Pinterest” hair or A series of unfortunate events

Let me start off by saying that making my hair lighter was not an itch I should’ve scratched. I’ve always had dark brown hair and when I dyed it in the past it was always a shade darker or a dark plum or something like that. And I know that dark hair makes you seem older or whatever, but I was so comfortable with that color – it just felt right to me. It was my Snow-White-ey look: dark hair, fair skin, red lips – good to go. (My sister would call this look “the Morticia Addams”, but I was cool with that as well. I love black, I love the Addams family and Morticia may have looked like a vampire, but she was a classy lady. But I don’t wear eye make-up like she does and my eyebrows are not that arched. So my sister is wrong, ha!). But anyway. I felt the need for a change this year and what I got is so far off from what I actually wanted to look like, it’s scary.

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About people-pleasers and how to stop being one

I’ve been talking to a friend about what it really means to be happy. We are quite similar and we are facing the same issues when it comes to feeling happy and fulfilled on a daily basis. We’ve realized that we’re both making the same mistake, which is caring too much – about others, about what people think of us. This leads us to putting other people first instead of ourselves. We will always be the girls who’ll try to make everyone happy, always thinking about how the other person will feel if we disagree or refuse. This drives us to compromise at almost every step in order to not upset the other person (which would make us feel guilty). However, here’s the catch: making other people happy does not make us happy. And putting them first makes us frustrated. So why do we keep doing it? Read More »

LV = love


I’d be lying if I’d tell you that I’ve never dreamed of owning a Louis Vuitton bag. Just like any fashion loving girl, I’ve always wanted a LV bag, ever since I found out what or better yet who designers are. Of course, I’m just a small town girl (yeah, just like Jesse’s girl 😀 ), so I could never afford one – I mean I could, if I wouldn’t buy anything else for an entire year or if I’d sell one of my kidneys, but I can never seem to do that… Just kidding of course. But you have to admit, designer pieces are expensive and not in everyone’s price range. But a girl can dream…Read More »