Valentine’s nails


For most people, Valentine’s Day means gifts, chocolates and roses, but for me it means love-themed manicures! I don’t really celebrate the holiday, but I do like to have my nails ready for love, for some reason. I think it’s just my excuse to wear pink/red nails.

I’m always looking for a good themed manicure, so I thought I’d share mine with you – if you should ever find yourself in the same situation. 😊

The first love


This was my first Valentine’s themed manicure done by an actual professional. I remember loving the color combo so much that these were for sure one of my favorites. I also have good memories wearing them – went to Venice with my boyfriend for his birthday. It was such a good holiday, I will never forget it! 😊

(if you want to see some pictures of Venice from our cute trip, you can do so here)


Mirror Mirror


I know, these don’t really scream Valentine’s Day, but just look how sweet they are! How could I not include them? The metallic nails were a soft pink that was just mesmerizing in the light. This one is a good Valentine’s themed manicure for the ladies who like a more natural, simple nail (with a twist).

The sweetest nails in the world


For real. SO. SWEET. This is my current manicure and I simply adore it! I’ve never seen sweeter nails in my entire life – they look like pieces of candy! I love the way they look and they also feel very me. I squealed when my nail artist was finished, because I loved them so much. I know, I’m cuckoo! 😄


The abstract Valentine


I know what you’re thinking. These are definitely not Valentine’s themed. And you’re very right. But somehow they feel Valentine’s themed, right? Or is it just me? I think it’s because I associate pink+red with the holiday of love. This is for the ladies who like abstract designs and want to be subtle about love-themed nails. One of my favorites ever, I was very sad when I had to change the design.


And that’s it! 😊 Do you have any other designs in mind? I’m always looking for new ideas to stress my nail artist with, so feel free to share with me. As you can see, I’m not the traditional red-nails French-manicure kind of gal, so anything abstract or artsy – send it my way!

For more inspiration and delicious designs, be sure to follow @mani_fever on Instagram! They’re the best in the biz!

Let me know which one of these you prefer, which one you would wear yourself!

Till next time,



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