A week of outfits #14


This week, I’m bringing you something different: outfit pictures in which you can actually see my face. Ish. I know, shocking! 😄 “Ish” because I’m still trying to figure out how this is done and the first batch of pictures turned out a bit blurry. Also it’s hard to go from selfies with no face to a full-faced picture, so if I seem a little awkward it’s because – haha – I am. I’m learning as I go, so please don’t judge me too harshly. 😇

As this is a new format, I’d love to get your feedback: do you like it or do you prefer the old format? Thaaanks! 😊 Now let’s get to it!



Told you, shy. Posing is hard. And I wasn’t upset, that’s just my default face haha. But back to the subject of this post – the outfits. This one features a sweater that used to be one of my favorites. “Used to” because although I still love it, the fit is kinda weird now. I used to wear it not tucked in, but now leaving it untucked makes me feel like I’m super small. Tucking it in turned out to be a skill too because it’s very hard to do it and not make it look like you’re super pregnant. 😅

(thrifted H&M sweater  – similar here, Koton ribbed white t-shirt – similar here, Levi’s 712 jeans, Adidas Falcon W Crystal White sneakers)



Speaking of sweaters that are very hard to tuck in – this is by far the most impossible one. I waited so much for the appropriate weather to wear this, only to be disappointed by the fact that it made me look absolutely huge. Chunky sweater in the most unflattering way. I still absolutely love the style and the colors, but it makes me look super chunky. It was very hard to take a picture in which I didn’t look absolutely huge AND short as hell.

(Mango sweater – similar here and here, Mango jeans – similar here, Asos loafers – similar here, H&M belt)



If I had a uniform this year it was this one: beige top, white jeans. I’ve worn it dozens of times, but I still love it so much. Now we’ve gone into more difficult weather where wearing white jeans is almost impossible without getting dirty. But I am going to try!

(C&A thrifted sweater – similar here, Mango jeans – similar here and here, Stradivarius boots – similar here)



Here I am being gangsta again aka wearing my cargo pants, haha. Although it all worked together, I don’t think I’ll wear this outfit again. It was a bit too green for my liking and green is not my color.

(Asos sweater – similar here and here, Bershka cargo pants – similar here and here, old black boots – similar here)



I promise that this outfit looked way better in reality – this picture isn’t doing it justice because the sun wasn’t really cooperating with me that day. The only thing about this is that the shirt is waaay too long and very difficult to keep tucked in and without looking like you have 2 m of material tucked in, haha.

(Massimo Dutti thrifted shirt – similar here and here, Cheap Monday white culotte jeans – similar here, Topshop Cairo chunky sneakers – similar here and here)



A week later and I learned how to smile in these pictures. I love this outfit and I love the fact that my colleague called it “so me”. It’s comfortable and it’s flattering, even though the overalls are a bit on the short side – although I have the advantage there because I’m short too 😄.

(Terranova ribbed white top – similar here, thrifted Topshop overalls – similar here, Adidas Falcon W Crystal White sneakers)



An outfit that was so disappointing (the hair was also disappointing but we won’t get into that). I usually feel so good wearing that shirt, I always feel good wearing those trousers and I thought that wearing them together would be a home run, but turns out I was wrong. Something felt very off to me, but I can’t quite figure out what. Perhaps they were both too loose.

(thrifted Mango shirt – similar here, old Mango trousers – similar here, Adidas Falcon W Crystal White sneakers)



I’ve never really been convinced about this cardigan, something has always felt a bit off to me about it, but I can’t quite figure out what. I love the deep color, so I’m almost sure it’s the fit that I don’t like. However, I still haven’t given up on it yet so I try to incorporate it in my outfits.

(Pull&Bear cardigan – similar here, old plain white t-shirt – similar here, Mango jeans – similar here, Gloria Ortiz loafers – similar here and here)



The weather was so nice the day I wore this that my colleague asked me why I’m wearing such a fall autumn when it’s clearly spring outside 😄. This outfit was a bit so-so for me because even though I love the t-shirt and the wide-leg jeans, but I think the cardigan wasn’t really convincing me. Also the waist on these jeans was a bit loose and maybe this had something to do with it too. (Since then I had them altered which may have been a mistake because I’ve also put on some weight since then 😅 #crazywomenproblems)

(Mango t-shirt – similar here, Mango black culotte jeans – similar here, old black cardigan – similar here and here, Adidas Falcon W Crystal White sneakers)

I feel like I haven’t really been on top of my game this week – with the exception of a few outfits. It happens sometimes. What do you think? Did you enjoy this week’s outfits? Which one was your favorite?

If you want to have a live look at my outfits be sure to follow me on Instagram – I share them daily on my stories.

Till next time,



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