A week of outfits #12


I’ve been thinking about my outfits and style a lot. I’m very privileged to work in an environment where we don’t have a strict dress code. As long as you don’t come naked into work, you are free to wear anything you like really. šŸ˜„ So most of us dress very casually. Sometimes when I wear something more dressy, I feel like I stand out a lot. Of course, it may all just be in my head, but, surprisingly, I don’t like to draw too much attention to myself. This is why I think my “work outfits” can only be a guide of what to wear if you work in a casual environment like I do. You can dress most of these up by swapping sneakers for boots or heels. However, if you work in finance, for example, you can’t really use any of these, I guess. This is one of the reasons I’ll never work in finance – I put comfort above anything else and, well, I wouldn’t be too comfortable in that environment. šŸ˜„

Day 1


This is kind of a remix of what I wore the week before. Short sleeved sweaters I think is something that most people have trouble wearing because they are thick T-shirts, so the question is: do you want to stay warm or be cool? For our office, this is the perfect invention because even though outside may be cold, inside can get sometimes very warm so, for me, this offers the perfect balance – to not be too cold when coming into work, but not get too warm sitting at the office.

(Zara top, Cheap Monday white cullote jeans – similar here, Gloria Ortiz loafers – similar here and here)

Day 2


This year, I’ve made a passion for wearing long dresses – especially in autumn. I feel so flowy and girly while wearing them, but so comfortable at the same time. I have to say, it must seem difficult to wear dresses in autumn because your legs are exposed even though they are covered (because wind can easily get under there), but I wasn’t at all cold while wearing this and I get cold very easily – you can ask my sister. šŸ˜Š

(Zara daisy dress, Terranova white ribbed top – similar here, old black boots – similar here)

Day 3


So simple, yet so good! Looking back at the pictures, I can definitely say that I like this one a lot and I love the deep black of the trousers. However, if you have cats, these are the worst trousers to have because they are made from a material that gathers cat hair better than the sticky rollers do.

(Mango top – similar here, Zara black trousers – similar here, Public Desire chunky trainers)

Day 4


I love to be playful with my outfits and this one ticked all the boxes. The corduroys are so comfy and have such a good color, but they can be too bold for some people. I have received comments for wearing hot pink pants, but I’m not bothered since I love them so much and I feel like they represent me.

(Locally handmade t-shirt – similar here, pink corduroy jeans – similar here and here, Public Desire chunky trainers)


Day 5


A very casual outfit, even for me. A few months ago I went searching for some basic lounge-wear pieces, but it was very hard to find a simple black hoodie and sweatpants. I was ready to give up when I had a brilliant idea: the kids’ section of H&M. I found my black hoodie and sweatpants and this beige hoodie was a bonus. LOVE the color! Boys’ section at H&M – age 12-15 I think šŸ˜„. (yes, I am tiny)

Just to clear the air – those aren’t leggings. The only moment I wear leggings in public is when i go to the gym/running. I would never include leggings in my outfits šŸ˜„.

(H&M hoodie, Zara black jeans – similar here, Topshop Cairo chunky trainers – similar here and here)

Day 6


Something I just threw on on a lazy Saturday morning. Went shopping with a friend and then came back and ate half of a baguette with butter. It was SUCH a nice day! šŸ˜Š

(Mango tie-dye t-shirt – similar here, Pull&Bear white mom jeans, Topshop Cairo chunky trainers – similar here and here)

Day 7


Such a flattering and summery outfit I think. Kind of unfit for autumn, but perfect for the spring-like weather we’ve been having this autumn. I felt so good wearing this: the jeans tend to be a bit unflattering around the belly, so this shirt was perfect to wear with them.

(Thrifted flower shirt – similar here and here, Mango white jeans – similar here and here, Topshop Cairo chunky trainers – similar here and here)

Day 8


Here I am again, a Hufflepuff disguised as a Gryffindor. Although I do identify with the Hufflepuff traits, I think I’ll always be a Gryffindor at heart. This is what I wanted since I was 10 and I first read the books – because that was the house of the golden trio – but I still want this as an adult, since Gryffindor is such a cool house to be in. Often times Hufflepuff is seen as the loser-house and now that I know I am one, I hate this. šŸ˜„ WAS CEDRIC DIGGORY A LOSER? šŸ˜‚

(Primark ‘Gryffindor’ t-shirt – similar here, Pull&Bear white mom jeans, Public Desire chunky trainers)

Day 9


A very rare work-from-home outfit documented and that’s because I did go out in the morning before work, to get a coffee. Such a cozy outfit, but I walked a total of 4 km and I got pretty warm by the end. These are the H&M kids sweatpants that I mentioned before. Girl’s section – 14 to 17 years. Could’ve gone smaller, but baggy is fine for lounge-wear.

(Thrifted Adidas hoodie – similar here, H&M sweatpants, Terranova jeans jacket – similar here, Public Desire chunky trainers)

Day 10


A very simple outfit wearing my favorite t-shirt. I don’t remember wearing this, least of all what I did the day I wore it. I think I went to work, but nothing out of the ordinary happened must’ve happened. A truly forgettable day.

(Mango striped t-shirt, Mango jeans – similar here, Public Desire chunky trainers)

Day 11


Now this one I remember. It was the first real autumn day that we had and one of my best friends’ birthday. I was dressed so appropriately for that exceptionally cold day, I was even surprised. I know my ankles are bare, but I was so warm on top that I wasn’t cold at all.

(Koton cardigan – similar here, Mango trousers, Asos loafers – similar here and here)

Day 12


A preliminary outfit that I almost wore. I put on my jeans jacket and went out, waited for the bus and whilst I waited I got so cold that I went home and changed. Put on high socks, changed the sneakers for boots, added a wool coat and a thick scarf. I spent the day at my friends’ and it was an excellent one. We haven’t had such a cozy day in a long time.

(Mango jumper – similar here, Levi’s 712 jeans, Puma baby blue Basket Trainers – similar here)

And that’s all for this week! It was a mix between real autumn outfits and summer outfits because that was the weather we’ve been having. I have a handful of favorites from this week – what were yours? Please leave me a comment to let me know! šŸ˜Š

For a live look at my outfits, be sure to follow me on Instagram, where I share them daily on my stories.

See you next week,



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