A week of outfits #11


Whoop! New header, how do you like? 😁 Although, this week the number of outfits is a bit limited and that’s because at the time when these pictures were taken I had a teambuilding at the seaside for which pragmatism was more important than style πŸ˜„. (It was very cold at the beach and I had to dress in layers). And so for this post I skipped those teambuilding days as I had only one pair of jeans to work with and multiple black tops (T-shirt, long-sleeve, hoodie), so the looks were very very similar. Otherwise, I’m quite proud of a few of these and I can’t wait to hear which one’s your favorite this week. So let’s get to it!

Day 1


I remember thinking the day I wore this that it may be the last time the weather would allow me to have sandals on at work. And I was right for a while, but as I’m writing this it’s November and the weather outside feels like late spring. The outfit seems comfortable enough, but everything I wore was chunky – the jeans and the T-shirt are made of a thick material and the sandals aren’t the most light ones, so for me this outfit can go from comfy to irritating real quick.

(Def Leppard T-shirt – similar here, Topshop distressed black jeans – similar here, Stradivarius wedge sandals)

Day 2


A nice outfit in theory, but these trousers annoy me a lot, haha πŸ˜„ They have the same behavior of my grey ones that I talked about last week (Day 2), meaning the waist is a bit loose and low for my liking. I’ve been looking for a while for the perfect pair of beige trousers to replace these with, but so far no luck πŸ˜” I’d love some with a straight/wide leg instead of a chino style. If you have any recommendations, I welcome them!

(Local handmade T-shirt – similar here, Zara trousers – similar here, Pull&Bear sneakers – similar here)

Day 3


The day I wore this my colleague told me that I look very formal and I suppose she was right, although it didn’t feel like it on the day. Even though I’m wearing sneakers, a shirt and trousers will always make you feel more formal. In any case, this stands among the most comfortable outfits of the week.

(Old blue shirt – similar here, Mango trousers – similar here, Public Desire chunky trainers, casual black belt – similar here)

Day 4


This is perhaps one of my proudest outfits ever! Like Day 7 of Week 9, all the components of this outfit have been purchased at different points in time without having any of them in mind. I paired all of these with a Zara blazer that I thrifted a while ago. The dots on the lining of the blazer matched the color of the top exactly! I have nothing more to say about this look other than: it was super comfortable and I would 100% wear it again!


(Vero Moda top – similar here, Mango jeans – similar here and here, Gloria Ortiz loafers, Zara blazer – similar here)

Day 5


If last week one of the outfits was inspired by Emma Hill, this one was 100% Anna Newton from The Anna Edit. The T-shirt and jeans combo is her signature look and she may have even paired it with some dad sandals like I did here. I did tag her in my Insta story the day I posted this, but sadly she did not reply like Emma did 😁 This was so comfy and flattering, I can see why Anna wears it all the time. (I did steam this shirt just minutes before, I promise 😊)

(old Mango shirt – similar here, Levi’s 712 jeans, Sprandi dad sandals)

Day 6


Something that you’ve definitely seen me wear before, but this time I paired with my dad sandals that I love so much. I honestly can’t wait for summer to come back so that I can wear these again! πŸ’•


The strap on this bag broke one day as I had some errands to run after work. I remember getting on the subway and feeling that everyone was looking at me walking around with a broken bag – the kind of attention that always makes you feel awkward.

(Koton ribbed white T-shirt – similar here, New Look gingham dress, Sprandi dad sandals, Koton black bag – similar here)

Day 7


Another outfit that I’m very proud of! I love that skirt so much, but it hugs your body and shows everything you wouldn’t like people to notice, so I wouldn’t say it’s the most comfortable. If you don’t like carbs as much as I do, you can probably wear it without any feeling of stress or self-consciousness, haha πŸ˜„ Even though I don’t wear i that much, I would never give it away! I love the color (it’s my favorite) – so much that it made me purchase my first adult tie-dye item – something that I said I’d never do. (I know I own a yellow tie-dye T-shirt from Mango, but this skirt was actually purchased before it)

(Mango black top – similar here, Bershka tie-dye skirt, here and here, Public Desire chunky trainers – similar here)

Day 8


This is what I wore on the first day of the teambuilding. We had to go to work and then travel to the seaside by coach, so my outfit had to be something very comfortable. I changed the top the next day for a long-sleeved one and a hoodie. I had a great time playing games and going horseback riding for the first time ever! Here’s the proof below:



(Mango black T-shirt, Mango jeans – similar here, Nike Air Max Zero sneakers)

Day 9


I loved this outfit but it was a bit too warm that day for it. I’d just come back from the seaside and was still feeling the cold in my bones, so that’s why I chose to wear it. I felt good in the shade, but as soon as I stepped in the sun everything became too much: the dress was too long and the sweater was too thick. You can see from the picture that it was very sunny that day. It was a very nice day indeed. 😊

(H&M thrifted sweater, Zara daisy dress, old boots – similar here)

And there it is! I thought the count would be lower than it actually was. I think this was probably my best week of the year – creative-wise. I loved almost everything I wore and this doesΒ not happen often!

Let me know which one was your fave and for a live look at my outfits, be sure to follow me on Instagram where I share them daily on my stories.

Till next time,



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