A week of outfits #6


The weather last week has been very strange – in the first half it felt like the middle of summer, in the second half it felt like almost winter. This weekend I went out during the day and I had to come back home and change, to put on a thicker coat and change my shoes to something warmer. I really hope the weather improves because I feel like we’ve skipped over that very pleasant autumn temperature when you only need a light jacket to this awful colder weather that I know for sure will last until April…

Thankfully my outfits this week (although the pictures were taken during summer) are somewhat appropriate for the weather I’m describing if you just add a thick coat and a scarf when you go outside. All but one, where I’m wearing sandals, but you can just swap the sandals for some boots, add a cardigan and a coat and you’re good to go.

Day 1


This is me featuring my first ever pair of Topshop jeans. I chose to go a size up because I really like the relaxed vibe they have like this. These are very comfy and because they’re made from a good material, I know they’re gonna last me a long while. The only thing left to do is to find a pair in a light blue wash and one in a dark blue wash and I’m all set in the jeans department. I do love a straight leg!

(Topshop jeans – similar here and here, Topshop Cairo chunky sneakers, Mango t-shirt, Tchibo black cardigan – similar here)


Going from an almost all-black outfit to an almost all-white outfit and I felt like cheating. Because it was such an easy way to figure out what to wear simply by doing the opposite of what I did the day before. I wish it would be this easy all the time, it would certainly take off a significant amount of time out of my morning routine, which currently includes sitting in front of the wardrobe and thinking over and over again “I have nothing to wear, I have nothing to wear!”.

(Pull&Bear white mom jeans, Public Desire chunky trainers, Koton t-shirt – similar here, Mango shirt – similar here and here)

Day 3


This is one of those outfits that I always say look way better in person than they do in pictures and don’t worry, there’s another one coming after this. This t-shirt is too long for me and I think that’s what it might make it look awkward, but I realized this on that day and I tucked the whole thing in as soon as I got to work. The sleeves were even longer, but I rolled them a couple times and secured them in place.

(Mango t-shirt – similar here, Mango jeans – similar here, Topshop Cairo chunky trainers)

Day 4


So disappointed in how this outfit turned out in pictures because I felt so good that day. I felt the colors went together and the styles as well, but I don’t know what happened with the photos: I felt a certain way, took the pictures and saw that I looked in a completely different way. Looked at myself again, tried to adjust my blouse, my position, something that could make me look in the picture as I felt in real life. Looking at these, I can see quite clearly that I failed.

(Topshop jeans – similar here and here, Public Desire chunky sneakers, thrifted blouse – similar here and here)

Day 5


Sometimes I dress for a certain activity I have to do that day – in this case I had to go to the countryside with my family so I had to wear something that I wouldn’t mind getting dirty and some shoes that I could walk comfortably in and if these aren’t my comfiest sandals, I don’t know which are.

(Mango jeans – similar here, Primark Gryffindor t-shirt – similar here, black platform sandals – similar here)

That’s it for this week – see you in 7 days and remember: if you want to see my outfits in real time, please be sure to follow me on Instagram where I share them on my stories daily. 😊




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