A week of outfits #4


I feel like week 4 started out a bit uninspired and ended up on a higher note than I expected. I think it’s because at the beginning of the week I went back to outfits that I used to wear in the past – before really starting to track them and see what goes well and what doesn’t. I feel that now that I see them, maybe some weren’t the best idea or maybe they just looked better before. Or they never looked better and I was fooling myself. Dunno. Tastes change I guess and you have to be realistic 🙂



I feel like Monday was a hot mess. The mirror was dusty, it was too hot and that’s why I wore the top, but I wasn’t really feeling it. I worked from home for sure because I would’ve never let the “girls” loose if I went to the office. This was just my “going-to-the-store” look.

The top, btw, is one I’ve had for at least 15 years and as you can see, you can’t really tell its age. That’s because I really take care of my clothes and if something does happen to them it’s one of three reasons: 1. I wore the heck out of them, 2. I was clumsy and 3. The quality wasn’t so good to begin with. I have quite a few items that are really old and I used to have more until I realized I’ve been holding on to some for nothing because I wasn’t wearing them anymore. Sometimes it’s time to let things go.

(Mango jeans – similar here, Asos sandals – similar here, here and here, very old top – (not) so similar here and here



Probably my biggest disappointment of the week because this was my go-to outfit at one point. Like just one year ago I used to feel my best in this outfit and now I felt… a bit awkward. And before you say anything, it’s not because of the layering – this is something that I still do and very much enjoy. I think it’s because I broke one of my rules which is: never wear loose with loose. If it’s loose on the top, go tighter on the bottom and vice-versa. That’s why I tucked the top in a bit – although the style is not made to be tucked – I felt the need to define my waist somehow, to break the loose.

(Zara jeans, Koton t-shirt – similar here, Mango top – similar here, Public Desire sneakers)



Now this is more like it! I love this outfit and I’d wear it again without any regrets. Love the pants, love the shirt, felt super comfortable, nothing more to say!

(H&M shirt, Mango trousers, Puma basket platform trainers, Forever 21 tank top – similar here)



One of those “looked-way-better-in-person-than-in-pictures” outfit. I went to an office beach party – yes, you heard me right haha. I felt creative putting this outfit together and I also felt good wearing it. I thought it was more important to be comfortable than very fancy – my entire life motto, actually 😁. Turns out I had the right idea because feel like this outfit was appropriate. I had a great time and I still remember how good it felt to dance in the rain with my bare feet in the sand.

Since the top is see-through, I wore a plain white tee underneath and on the bottom I wore my loose Zara jeans that always look so bad in pictures, but better in reality – I like to think so, at least.

(Koton t-shirt – similar here, Forever 21 top – similar here, Zara jeans – similar here and here, Forever 21 sandals)



Another outfit that I very much loved and still do! All white with a twist: the red on the t-shirt matched the red on the bottom of my sneakers (that you can’t really see in this picture). Felt amazing and I’d 100% wear this again.

(Handmade t-shirt, Pull & Bear jeans, Public Desire sneakers)

Till next time – meaning next week, hehe – be sure to follow me on Instagram, where I post my outfits daily and in real time on stories. 😉

See you soon,




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