A week of outfits #2


I’m back with another week of outfits! Continuing my series and I just realized that I’ll have to post more often or I’ll never be able to get through all of them, ever! πŸ˜„Β I’m also experimenting with different styles of headers because I can’t decide on one design. 😁

This time around there are only 5 because there was one day when I worked from home (and we all know that the uniform for that is worn-out housewear πŸ˜„) and one day when I went to help my parents with garden work, so fashionable wasn’t at all the objective, but rather wearing clothes and shoes that I wouldn’t be too sad to have ruined.



My standard go-to combo: t-shirt, trousers and sneakers. You’re gonna see this one a lot!

T-shirt is from Koton, it’s just like my white ones I talked about in my previous post, only it’s a bit longer and I’m not really sure how I feel about that.

Trousers are very old, from Stradivarius or Bershka I think, I don’t really remember. I got them a while ago and I loved the way they fit. So much, that when I lost some weight and they were too big, I had them taken in so that I can continue to wear them. I still need a belt with them though and this one’s from H&M.

Sneakers are my Puma Basket Platform Trainers, watch is Daniel Wellington, necklace is my sun one from Ali Express (I wear this one almost every day) and the cat’s name is Zsa Zsa.

(T-shirt similar here and here, Trousers similar here, hereΒ and here)



My favorite one from the week featuring my only t-shirt that has intentional holes in it πŸ˜„ it’s from from Bershka and it’s a Def Leppard one and I think it looks badass. I’ve been looking for a Metallica tee for a while now, but have yet to find the perfect one.

Jeans are Mango, sneakers are Public Desire, watch is Daniel Wellington and necklace is my gold coin one (gift from my friends).

(T-shirt similar here)



Probably one of the most uninspired outfits of the week – not the combination, but it was moving day at work and I WORE HEELS! And one of the most uncomfortable pair I have. Well, they’re not so much uncomfortable as they are new and by the time I got to work (I walk a lot), my feet were raw. Cute shoes tho, might wear them again.

Jeans are Mango, t-shirt is Koton , blouse is Zara and as accessories I’m wearing my DW watch, my sun pendant and my butterfly pendant, which was actually a gift I got in 12th grade (SO 10 YEARS AGO! #imgettingold)

The cat is Boris and he’s the cutest boy on the entire planet! ❀️

(T-shirt similar here, Blouse similar here, heels similar here and hereΒ if you wish to die)



… or as Joey from Friends called it “the third day” πŸ˜„

Wearing something that seems really familiar and that’s because only a week before I wore the exact same outfit with a different white t-shirt (that one had a red logo).

T-shirt is very old – like college old – trousers are Mango, old as well (but they are back in stock this season!!), shoes from Public Desire, my sun pendant and my DW watch as accessories.

This time both my cats graced me with their presence (aren’t they the cutest? 😊)

(T-shirt similar here)



This was a bit of a disappointment, even more so because I chose to wear it on my birthday. I’d bought that dress from Koton and was really looking forward to wearing it, but turns out it was a bit longer than I needed and it made me look like a grandma. So I have to take it to the tailor’s to have it shortened. It was still comfy AF though.

Shoes and t-shirt are the same ones from Thursday, watch is the same one as ever and I’m wearing the sun and butterfly pendants.

Bed is unmade because it was a lazy Sunday and also, did I mention, my birthday. πŸ˜‡

Until next time, please let me know which one was your fave!

For “live” coverage of my outfits, be sure to follow me on Instagram, I post them daily in my stories. πŸ˜‰



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