A week of outfits #1


A few months ago I thought I’d try the experiment of documenting my outfits daily. The had two objectives in mind when making this decision: 1.to find out exactly what clothes I wear and what clothes I don’t wear and 2.eventually improve my style because looking back can help me make better decisions in the future. Hopefully.

I started this back in May, but since the weather was still cool back then my outfits feature a lot of long-sleeved tops so I thought it’d be more appropriate to share those in autumn.

What I did learn after two months of documenting is that my style is as basic as it gets: t-shirt, trousers or jeans and sneakers. It’s not exciting at all because I like to be as comfortable as possible. Also because I have a job that allows me to be as casual as possible and dressing fancier would just make me stand out and I’m not sure I would be comfortable getting that kind of attention. So I guess what I have to figure out now is how to make them more exciting without being over the top and without losing any of the comfort.

Please have a look, enjoy and let me know which one was your favorite or thought looked the best on me.



Basic white t-shirt with traditional flowery pattern paired with the most comfortable jeans I own and my ugly sneakers I bought last year and I still love. I think they’re my most worn pair of shoes, although I think I’ll need to replace them soon.

Jeans are from Mango from last fall – I was lucky enough to buy them before they sold out because they ran out super quick. I tried to find them in a different wash and color, but no luck at all (similar here).

T-shirt is handmade, bought from a local shop last year. Accessories are minimal: my Daniel Wellington watch and a necklace with the letter bought from AliExpress 🙂 Not pictured but worn every day: my Instants Plaisirs coin ring and 3 simple rings from H&M.

(I know AliExpress is not the most fashionable choice, but my mentality is: why pay at least 10 times the price on a different site when I know for sure that this is where they get it too. I say skip the middle man. Of course, I’d love to have something from Missoma or even Instants Plaisirs, but they aren’t very affordable for my Romanian pocket 🙂 )



Basic blue t-shirt from New Yorker I think, Stradivarius trousers that used to be black, ( I’ve had them for 2 years now, so their color is understandable) and Puma Basket Platform Trainers in light blue. The sneakers are also 2 years old and were super hard to track down – I had to ask one of my friends living in London to buy them for me there and bring them over.

Accessories are my DW watch and my beloved gold coin necklace which was a gift from my girlfriends a few years ago.


cofHere are my Mango jeans again, this time paired with a Mango t-shirt from 4-5 years ago and my other pair of ugly sneakers. These were actually my first pair – I loved them so much when I got them, but now the white ones are my favorites. My colleague at work has the almost exact same pair and it’s really funny when we wear them both on the same day.

Accessories usually don’t change: my DW watch and another necklace from AliExpress, this time with a sun pendant.

In the background it’s one of my cats and you can see her more clearly in the next picture 🙂


cofJeans are from Mango again, but this time they’re from a recent collection. (Bought them sometime in may because I felt I didn’t have a light wash pair of jeans for summer). Shirt is Massimo Dutti, but thrifted from someone on the internet. I belong to some yard sale groups on Facebook where you can sell your clothes and buy pieces from other girls. The white tank top underneath is so old that I don’t even remember where I got it.

Shoes are from Topshop, my first Topshop purchase actually. They were quite pricey, but I loved them so much i had to have them. They are a bit of a weird fit, meaning they are a bit too long, but a bit too narrow also. Not the most comfortable shoes I own, but I still love them a lot and I’ll continue to wear them.

Accessories are the same as the day before and in the background is Zsa Zsa lounging.


cofI’m a walking ad for Mango because I own a lot of their pieces. Both my t-shirt and trousers are from Mango from different and old collections.

Those are the comfiest and most flattering trousers I own and I came to realize I love them. I wasn’t so sure about the color when I got them, but now I like them a lot. I used to think they were more autumny, but I’ve worn them a lot this summer, you’ll see in future posts.

Sneakers are the same ones from Monday and accessories are the same as the day before. The cat is still there 🙂

Saturday night

mdeOn Saturday we went out to a birthday celebration. Camisole and belt are from H&M, shoes are from Stradivarius and the jeans you already know by now 🙂

The shoes have a low block heel, not visible in this picture. They’re very comfy, but had to be worn in a bit. The first wear was a bit painful.

Accessories are the same I think and my coin ring is a tad more visible in this picture.


cofOn Sunday we made a trip to the mall and wanted to be as comfy as possible. I call this look the classic Leustica (which is my nickname) because layering stuff over t-shirts and pairing them with sneakers is kind of my thing. Sneakers you already know and the dress is thrifted off a used clothes site.

The t-shirt is from Koton and in my opinion it’s a great plain white t-shirt to have. It’s crew neck and ribbed, which I like and it’s perfect for layering. The only thing I’m not so sure about are the sleeves, because I think they’re a bit too short, but I can live with them. This t-shirt was an impulse purchase from 1-2 years ago and after I wore it once I realized it’s the perfect plain white tee I’ve been searching for and went back to buy more, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I’ve been searching since then and this year they finally restocked it and I was lucky enough to find it, so I bought 2 more 🙂

My H&M rings are more visible here and necklaces are my gold coin one and a half moon one from AliExpress again.

Hope you enjoyed this post because more of them are coming and I promise they’re gonna be shorter. 🙂

If you want to see my outfits as I wear them (and more), be sure to follow me on Instagram because I put up stories almost daily.

Till next time, kisses.


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