Here’s Waldo


My sister describes my style as “mom-like” and that’s because I like to be comfortable – I rarely wear heels, (while she has a closet-full of high-heels that she can’t loan to anyone, not even her sister, because she has tiny feet and wears 35!) I don’t own a lot of dresses and I don’t really like to show a lot of cleavage. Of course, sometimes these things do happen, but it’s definitely not the norm. However, unlike my sister, I think my style is rather child-like than mom-like. I wear a lot of sneakers, I own a lot of pullovers and don’t own nearly enough grown-up clothing (i.e. office attire).


When I bought my red socks I didn’t really think I’d get the chance to wear them in public. I bought them because I just thought they looked cool. I didn’t even own any red piece of clothing besides these socks. Until last year, when I found this cute striped shirt on a second hand site and I just had to have it. I think it’s super cute and it has those adorable details! I also bought it because my boyfriend has called me Waldo in the past because I had a slight stripe obsession. So, naturally, I’m called Waldo I become Waldo. All I’m missing now is the hat!


Thrifted “Love” shirt // Mango jeans (sold out, similar here here and here) // Mango faux leather jacket // Koton socks (old collection, similar here) // Public Desire shoes // CDiem horn necklace // old coin and butterfly necklaces




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