My super comfy non-bulky cargo pants


For the past 6 months I’ve been in the process of doing a major wardrobe cleanup, which started from the fact that most of my clothes didn’t fit me anymore. However, this resulted in a big wake-up call in regards to how many clothes I have, yet how unprepared I am for different social situations. Therefore I promised that this year I’d buy only things that are missing from my wardrobe: more formal-ish clothing, heeled shoes, this kind of stuff. And my goal is to keep everything in a neutral-toned palette or at least in simple patterns/single colors/simple lines, so as to use these clothes for many years to come and not change them because they no longer match my style.


In light of this mindset change, I went shopping a month ago and bought a skirt, a purse and… some cargo pants. The purse and the skirt were definitely on my “to-buy” list, but the cargo pants definitely weren’t on my list of “formal-ish clothing” to buy, but technically they were missing from my wardrobe because I’ve never owned a pair of cargo pants. But let’s be clear – this was an impulse purchase.


I felt a little guilty after buying them but the thing is … I love them so much! I never thought that I would find some cargo pants to fit me well because I am petite and they tend to make you look bulkier than you actually are. So if you’re not skinny (which I’m not), you may end up looking 2 sizes bigger. I don’t think this actually happens with this model in particular, but I paired them with a higher chunky boot and a top with a tight fit, just to balance out the proportions. This is a great trick for any type of chunky bottoms, like mom jeans for example.


_ZEN8290-01-02I really liked this look because it made me feel cooler than I actually am and made me look a bit thinner without feeling uncomfortable, and that’s due to the fact that the pants are made from a soft and loose material.

_ZEN8312-01-01What do you think about it? Would you wear something like this?

Till next time,


Bershka cargo pants // old Zara top // Giulio boots // Instants plaisirs coin ring // H&M rings // The 90’s shop earrings //

2 thoughts on “My super comfy non-bulky cargo pants

  1. Love the outfit, I feel it’s simple, yet it has that…je ne sais quoi. Also, good call on the capsule wardrobe, I’m trying to work on it as well and I’m missing the exact same items (formal and special occasions, both shoes and clothes) 🙂 & the cargo pants are an awesome impulse buy ♥

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