Happy nails, 2018 edition, last part

With the New Year fast approaching, I thought it would be a good time to share with you the last batch of manicures I had in 2018. I’ve been a very bad girl this year when it comes to blog posts – I prepared a bunch, but I never posted them. However, I did manage to begin the happy nails series and one of my very few superstitions is that if you begin a new period with something that you left unfinished that new period will be filled with unfinished projects. Therefore I have to finish the happy nails series, otherwise I won’t get anything done in the New Year. Is anyone else like this or am I just crazy?

There aren’t many manicures left from 2018 because it’s been a crazy period and  I had to skip 1 or 2 appointments (I don’t remember exactly) due to a full schedule. Therefore here are my last 4 manicures of the year.

Tropical bliss


These were simply amazing! Because I was going on vacation in a somewhat tropical destination I’ve never been before – Tenerife – I wanted a themed manicure that would match the island vibe. I think my nail artist totally nailed it! (pun intended, sorry world!) I didn’t go to my appointment with a specific design in mind, but I mostly knew what I wanted: some flamingos, some green leaves and something orange – the latter just because my swimsuit is orange. 🙂 The design was 100% Kitty Claws and I think it turned out gorgeous! I think the pictures speak for themselves, better than I could ever describe them.


Generic autumnal nails


I think that you can tell by now, if you’ve followed all my manicure posts, that I like a good themed design. However, I rarely go for the obvious. For me, even a color palette can represent something: red and pink for Valentine’s, pastel colors for the spring, bold colors for the summer, orange & brown hues for autumn, red, white and green for Christmas, whites & some icy look for winter. So this time I chose orange for autumn, which I combined with a very very dark indigo. We added some leaf drawings and voila! I think they turned out pretty good, what do you guys think?


Dark marble



I was pretty torn about this particular design. As it happens with all designs I’m not sure about, I had no idea what I wanted when I went to my appointment, so we ended up doing something I’d found just minutes before deciding. The details were really subtle and I wasn’t really sure about the yellow, but I think they looked pretty good in the end. I haven’t had dark nails in a long while and I really loved the way these looked. And as an added bonus, they were very resistant. Due to those scheduling issues I mentioned before, I had to skip one appointment and keep these on for almost 2 months. My nails were super long by the end – I’ve never had them that long and it’s one of the reasons I didn’t shorten them myself – and they didn’t look that elegant because 1/3 of my nail was not covered, but they didn’t crack and my nails didn’t break, so I count that as a success.



Abstract Christmas

As I mentioned above, I like to keep within a theme, but not be obvious about the design and I think my Christmas nails are the perfect example of what I mean. Red, green and white with a touch of silver – doesn’t this combination make you think of Christmas, or is it just me? Of course, I found them on Pinterest, the land of all inspiration, and I simply love them! I think it’s fitting that they’re matte – not just because the red looks amazing like that, but also because matte nail has been my obsession this year. What do you think about them? I love this matte red so much that I think that next year one of my manicures is just gonna be simple matte red. Judging by the intricacy of my nail designs so far, I’m not sure if I’m gonna go through with it, but we’ll see.


I hope you enjoyed my happy nail series and I’ll see you next year with more designs and hopefully more blog posts than just these about manicure! 🙂

Hope you have a great time during the winter holidays and wish you an amazing new year!



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