Happy nails, 2018 edition, part 1

I think we all know I’ve been a bad girl this year – and by bad I mean absent from this blog. What you don’t know is all the pretty manicures I’ve had done during this time by the awesome girls at Kitty Claws! They really can do anything that you want, while taking care of your nails at the same time. So here are the first 5 manicures I’ve had in 2018:

Speed racer


For my first manicure of the year I wanted something simple. So, of course, I chose something complicated, haha. I told the girls this and then showed them my inspiration and they laughed and laughed because it was not at all simple.
I’ve had an obsession with matte nails ever since I’ve had my Burberry nails done last year, so naturally I wanted all my manicures this year to be matte (you’ll see!).
This one reminded me somehow of race cars – maybe it was the lines (even if it was, why race cars?) – what does it remind you of?

Simple, yet effective 


This time I really did manage to keep it simple – which I haven’t done in a loooong time, nail-wise. These were so gorgeous, truly one of my favorites this year – but to be honest my list of favorites is a really long one because the results were amazing and, therefore, hard to choose from.
And if I do say so myself, I really did wear the perfect pullover for this manicure – it wasn’t even planned! 🙂

Amoeba nails



Obsessed with matte nails, I told you! 😀 Also obsessed with the same shade of beige I had on just before this one. I thought I would never give this shade up, I swear!
This manicure was very dainty, delicate and simple at the same time, but damn hard to keep clean!
If you didn’t already know, matte nails get dirty suuuper easy! Before you think I’m a filth, there’s a lot of things you touch with your hands every day: food, make-up, cleaning products, dust (not that you want to touch dust, it’s just one of the things that you come in contact with, whether you’re aware or not) etc. And matte nails are like a sponge for anything dirty, so it’s important that you clean them regularly – either with acetone (if you have semi-permanent manicures like I do) or with rubbing alcohol. If you wait too long before cleaning them, you’ll no longer be able to get the stains out and you’ll wind up having beautiful but sloppy nails.

Kawaii clouds


These ones were super adorable, don’t you think? Fit for a Sailor Moon princess who’s really just a kid at heart – what a coincidence, that’s me! 😀

They were very cute and kind of reminded me of the ones I had while I was in Paris last year. They lasted pretty well as I remember and I also remember I didn’t want to take them off. I know I went with a different design to the girls and we adapted it to something that would be more “me” – and they definitely were!

Spring awakening


Went back to the design that made me famous: flowers! I could wear flowery patterns all year – yes, even in winter! It’s something that I love and that I will always find beautiful. There’s no identical pattern, even though they might be similar, and they always look so good and that’s why I love them! ❤

I’ve always believed the following saying to be true (at least about my nails): if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! So I used a lot of my ingredients for a recipe to success: flower pattern check, matte nails check, the same blue color I had on in my previous manicure – check! The result: truly stunning nails ❤

Stay tuned for the part 2! In the meantime, let me know in the comments below which ones were your favorite out of this bunch.




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