The last 5 manicures of 2017

And when I say “the last 5 manicures of 2017” it actually means my manicures in the past 5-6 months. I know, my nails and my blog haven’t been my top priorities in the last half of 2017, but for good reason. August was full-on wedding season and also packing for the following 2 months I spent in Paris, while the last 2 months of the year have been all about re-settling into my Bucharest life, catching up with everyone and holidays hype. So here I am on the New-Year’s-Eve Eve doing a recap of my latest manicures.

Ice-cream nailsnails_recap-1

I managed to take these pictures between the last wedding of the season and leaving for Paris. It was way back in August, when the light was still good and the days were still long. When it was hot enough that ice-cream was a must. I love-love-loved these nails, I thought they were super cute and playful – just like me, haha. nails_recap-2

Midnight in Paris nails

nails_recap-4Another one of my favorites this year! They were super cute, super Sailor-Moon-ish and super resistant! They lasted for about 6 weeks – almost during my entire stay in Paris – and they looked super good even when I took them off. nails_recap-6

Christmas in November nails

When I came back, I was very un-inspired. I usually think a lot about the following design I’m going to get – because I like so many – but in November I had absolutely no idea! It  was like someone had erased my memory and I just couldn’t decide what I wanted! I’d been so excited all October for my return home and, inevitably, for my first manicure in 2 months, but I just couldn’t find any design I wanted. I literally chose this one during my appointment with the girls. It was cute, but it wasn’t that “wow” (by comparison with the others, at least). As you can see, I didn’t even take a picture – the one I posted above was my inspiration, and I got it from Pinterest – but my nails were identical.

My Burberry nails


I think this was my favorite manicure ever! It was matte, it was dark, decadent and gorgeous! The Burberry-like pattern was made by hand by the girls at Kitty Claws! I loved it so much that I wanted everyone to see it and felt the urge to go up to people and be like “Look at my nails, aren’t they gorgeous?” (I fought this urge, but still did it somewhat with my close friends, haha). These nails looked amazing and they lasted so well! Love them!

Starry night nails

AKA the nails I’m wearing right now! Of course, when you compare them to the Burrberry ones they’re not that special, but I think they’re cute nonetheless. Very winter holidays-ish, I think! They remind me of snowy weather on a starry night!

What do you guys think? Which one is your favorite?

Wish you a great New Year’s party! See you next year!



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