Exciting news

I feel like all I’ve done all year is make excuses why I haven’t written anything. But believe me, it’s been a pretty hectic year so far and it’s not over yet. Why have I been absent recently? Well, I have a new job that’s more challenging than everything I’ve done so far and what I did for the past month is try to keep my head above water. This is one of the reasons – the other one is the abundance of weddings and parties I have to attend (poor me, right?, haha :D). So you can see how the lack of free time can be a factor in my absence on the blog (or on social media) – I barely have enough time to sleep, let alone do anything else.

Anyway, I don’t know if you remember, but a while back, when I came back from Geneva, I was complaining that I had layovers in cities I have never been to, which are on my list of travel destinations. One of these cities was Paris and all I got to see was the interior of the airport (and actor Joel Edgerton, heh). Well, apparently I’ve been a very good girl, because the universe has been more than generous: my exciting news is that I will be living in Paris for two months! I’m going there for work and I’m leaving at the end of August – a date that is fast approaching! 😀

Of course I am super happy about this, I cannot wait to visit and to see everything, I’m sure it will be amazing – it’s really a dream come true! However, I cannot help but feel a little sad that I’m leaving my partner, my family and friends for two months. I know you must think I’m insane, but I think this feeling is normal, especially when you’re doing something new, outside of your comfort zone. I’m gonna try not to be a baby about this, be strong and try to enjoy my time in Paris to the fullest! I hope to have time to see everything there is to see, to enjoy myself and to take as many pictures as I can, so I can document my experience. Be sure to follow me on social media (Facebook and Instagram) to see what I’m up to. 😉

Please let me know in the comments section which are, in your opinion, the must-see places in Paris.


*Pictures are not my own – taken from Timeout & Conde Nast Traveler*

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