How I came to have “Pinterest” hair or A series of unfortunate events

Let me start off by saying that making my hair lighter was not an itch I should’ve scratched. I’ve always had dark brown hair and when I dyed it in the past it was always a shade darker or a dark plum or something like that. And I know that dark hair makes you seem older or whatever, but I was so comfortable with that color – it just felt right to me. It was my Snow-White-ey look: dark hair, fair skin, red lips – good to go. (My sister would call this look “the Morticia Addams”, but I was cool with that as well. I love black, I love the Addams family and Morticia may have looked like a vampire, but she was a classy lady. But I don’t wear eye make-up like she does and my eyebrows are not that arched. So my sister is wrong, ha!). But anyway. I felt the need for a change this year and what I got is so far off from what I actually wanted to look like, it’s scary.

Me as a brunette
My hair inspiration

As I mentioned before, I’ve never had my hair bleached or dyed a lighter color, so I had no idea where I should go to have this done in the style I wanted. So because I’ve always admired Ioana‘s preeety hair, I trusted that her hairdresser would be able to give me what I wanted. HOWEVER. Apparently there was a mix-up with the appointment (which we’ve made a month in advance, but whatever) and she was not available. After travelling across town for like an hour and a half and 30 minutes of walking, I wasn’t just gonna leave. So I ignored my gut feeling (which was trying to tell me that I maybe shouldn’t do this) and stayed to have my hair dyed by someone else. Everything went south after they messed up my bleaching (because I had dark hair, they had to bleach my hair in order to get the color I wanted), my wish – which was to have some highlights – couldn’t be granted… So a few simple highlights turned to ombre just because they had to bleach my hair twice, and of course it was impossible to select the same strands of hair that they bleached before. So they bleached the entire lower half and then put some semi-permanent hair color in it afterwards that made it seem less orange. And I kept asking “How long is this color gonna last for?” and they were like “Don’t worry, it washes away” and I was like “That’s not what I am worried about”. Aaanyway.  This whole thing lasted for like 3-4 hours during which poor Ioana waited for me 😦 The result was acceptable, but I think it lasted for a week and then it went sooo south.

Right after my first appointment
Hair in Venice/Before my second appointment

When I was in Venice, my boyfriend filmed me while I was walking through the streets and then showed me the video – my hair looked horrible! So I called my sister and said: “Make me an appointment with your hairdresser asap!” and when I came back I went with her to get my hair fixed. Let me just say for the record that the poor man did the best he could with what he had. Because my hair was such a mess, he had to bleach it again and to go higher than before, in order to make the transition from my dark natural color to the soon to be blonde seem more natural. He explained that the result is temporary and a necessary step for me to then get the results I want in the future and not look like a clown. I understand. And he did a great job and my hair shows his beautiful technique and great skills. But. I just don’t think this color is really me. And this is not his fault at all. It’s just my complexion does not go well with warm hair shades.

Right after my second appointment

So happy with my new hair, right?

So, to sum up, I look nothing like I wanted to and I couldn’t go to the hairdresser again because my hair was already damaged from all that bleaching. I had to take a break and continue to look this hideous if I wanted somewhat healthy hair. But I found the perfect compromise one day by mistake at a dm store – a violet semi-permanent hair dye. I figured it would make my hair look less warm. It didn’t really, but the result was so mesmerizing – my hair color went from dark brown to orange to rose gold, with a little bit of violet here and there. It sounds strange and it may even look strange, but it works for me. I think it suits me better than just plain old ombre. I like it the most since I started dying it (besides black/dark brown) and I wanted to postpone going to the hairdresser again, but I have a business trip coming up and I don’t want to go like this and I definitely can’t go with pink hair. So I guess I must go fix it soon. I’m a bit torn, what do you think I should do?

Finally, my advice: If you’ve had dark hair all your life, maybe you should think twice if you want to make a change and go lighter. Firstly consider that this is gonna damage your hair. Then consider if what you want is worth the hassle and if you decide it is, really do your research well and find a hairdresser who’s gonna work for you, not against you.

Final note: the pictures are obviously edited and my hair isn’t this flaming red/orange/pink color. The color is much milder in reality. 😉


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