Still got the blues


I know I’ve bragged a few posts ago about how warm and sunny it is in Bucharest and how spring has arrived – I was wrong, I must’ve meant autumn. :)) It seems that we deserved exactly 2 weeks of warm weather and now it’s back to rain and lower temperatures. Hey, we could’ve gotten nothing at all, right?


Anyways, this weather is making me not want to do anything. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love rain. But it seems that if you want to be a full functioning adult it doesn’t help at all. I have only enough energy to get up, go to work, return, work out (?!!), shower and go back to sleep. *rinse and repeat* I know, I wrote “work out” in there and it seems like I am lying and that I am a pretty motivated person, but believe me, this working out stuff pretty much takes all the energy I would’ve used to do other things. And I feel very guilty because, for example, I used to relax while cooking something. I still very much love to cook. But it seems I 1. do not have the energy to cook after working out, and 2. cannot stay in shape if I am around delicious food, so I figured better not be around food at all, amirite? The only person who has to suffer is my poor boyfriend because more often than not, our fridge is mostly empty or filled with *healthy* stuff, bleagh! And he’s the one who keeps losing weight like it ain’t no thang! (this ease of his drives me crazy!) The other downside is I keep thinking of tasty desserts to make (and share on this blog), but why create the temptation myself? :)) *my life is so complicated*

My “I-have-to-do-so-much-but-don’t-want-to” face

Another disadvantage of this weather, because it seems that’s what we’re doing now – listing its faults (or better yet our faults) is that we have to stay indoors. So it’s another excuse for me to not shoot any pictures for “outfit of the day”… I’m blaming the rain, but I’m actually hoping I’ll get in shape until the sky clears, I’m worried that my hair looks funny, that my pictures won’t turn out the way I want them, that I won’t have time to do it… You know how it is with new things: they’re impossible – until you start doing them. So I guess I’ll just have to start!


Oh, not to mention the most important downside of them all: I am sick and tired of my winter/autumn clothes! I want to start wearing sneakers and my beloved oxfords again! The long-awaited return of the T-shirts and light jackets, dresses and skirts!


It has been less rainy these past few days – yesterday we even saw a bit of sun, but I went out last night and it was crazy cold. So no spring outfits just yet… We’ll keep on hoping for warm weather until we get it and then start complaining it’s too warm

Till next time I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs ever, enjoy and have a nice weekend!



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