Tommy Girl Tropics

You know how I told you that March is women’s month in Romania, right? Well, this is the month when we’re pampered and spoiled just for being a woman and if we’re not we get to guilt-trip our significant others. Evil, I know, but isn’t evil just another synonym for woman? :))

Well, this month I had the delightful surprise of receiving the new Tommy Girl Tropics fragrance. Because I’m very dense when it comes to perfumes (I really think there’s something wrong with me because nothing stuck after my perfume workshop in France) I’ve been trying to research it, but it seems there’s little information online about this. What I have discovered during my research is that it is a limited edition version of Tommy Girl and that its scent contains a combination of grapefruit, orange and sandalwood notes. *it’s actually peach, elderflower and vanilla, according to one of my readers, who managed to find the fragrance on Tommy’s official US website.

As for my impression of the perfume, all I can tell you is it smells fruity, sweet and summerish. Makes me dream of warm summer beach days… and Gigi Hadid (because she recently launched a clothing line with Tommy Hilfiger and also because she is the face of  another new TH fragrance called The Girl). I think that owning/wearing the Tommy Girl fragrance is the closest I’ll ever get to Gigi, haha :)) That being said, I think it’s a cute perfume, but to be honest it doesn’t last very long – at least on my skin. I mean, this morning I put on a ton and it’s only noon and I really can’t smell it anymore. But otherwise the scent is nice and the packaging as well. ^_^

Till next time! Have a quick rest of the week! (you know what I mean 😉 )

– Andreea.


2 thoughts on “Tommy Girl Tropics

  1. Your research is wrong. Tommy Hilfiger’s web site describes this perfume as notes of peach, elderflower and vanilla. I have copied and pasted from their site. I purchased this perfume. It is an incredible scent and very soft and creamy. There are NO citrus notes imho. It’s very peach and vanilla. I love it. While not the usual summer notes, it’s very addicting. I have people asking me “what perfume are you wearing?” because it’s so different and sticks out in a good, very soothing way. You will enjoy this scent. I hope they make a lotion and body wash soon. I’m purchasing as much of this as i can now before it’s gone.–34oz-5nc4-01

    ***Tommy Hilfiger women’s fragrance. This summer, classic American cool goes Tropical. Tommy TROPICS transports you to island living full of sun-filled days and cool nights. Key notes of peach, elderflower and vanilla celebrate the relaxed beach lifestyle, making this aromatic scent ideal for summer.


    • Hi Janet! 🙂 Thanks so much for your message and for your correction!
      Unfortunately the US site is not available in my region and I am not able to view it, and in other regions this fragrance does not exist on the official site 😦
      Therefore I had to get the information from somewhere else and this is what I found with the resources I had 😦

      But yes, I am enjoying it very much, I love to wear it! ^_^

      Thanks again! 😀


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