Vanilla-scented dream


In my last post I told you guys all about our Romanian Mărțișor tradition – how women usually receive trinkets and flowers. Well, it sometimes happens that we receive other gifts as well – if we’re lucky. And this year I was lucky enough to receive a delicious-smelling box from Pupa, called Miss Princess.

No, the gift box wasn’t empty, haha – although I really wouldn’t have minded it, cause it is so pretty – it had a shower milk and body lotion inside. The best part is that both products are vanilla-scented – my favorite smell! It was by pure chance that I got the vanilla set, because all – and I mean all – my other colleagues got the green-tea-scented set. #itsthelittlethingsthatmakeyoufeelspecial


The products really smell like vanilla – I mean I opened the box and felt the smell instantly, didn’t even have to open the products, which are very luscious and leave your skin soft and smelling amazing – I’ve always wanted to smell like a cake! ^_^


I recommend this box, especially as a gift-idea for the men – believe me, your ladies will love you for it! Also, the box is delightful and it also says “Miss Princess” and it’s never a bad idea to call the lady in your life a princess! 😉

Till next time!



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