Spring is here!


Well, it has been unofficially here for a week and a half now – spring, I mean – the weather is very nice in Romania, we had temperatures of over 10° C almost every day. But I’m talking about that feeling you get when you know for sure the season has changed, when you can smell spring in the air: the days are longer, you are more energetic and optimistic and ready for new and exciting stuff. That’s how I feel – today, more than ever. Because today is the little holiday we call Mărțisor, on which men give women brooches and trinkets with a red and white string attached – you can see below just what I mean – and the women have to wear these trinkets, or at least the string, throughout the entire month of March. It’s a very old tradition and it signifies the beginning of this beautiful season we call spring.

martisor-11martisor-8martisor-5 martisor-9 martisor-10 martisor-4

March is the women’s month in Romania because they are celebrated every year during this time. On March 1st is Mărțisor and on March 8th is women’s day, when they usually receive spring flowers – freesias, snowdrops, tulips, hyacinths etc. For me, March 8th has always been “Mother’s day”, but I think that’s what they used to tell us when we were children and it got stuck in my head. It’s not accustomed for women to buy women flowers on this day or on Mărțișor, but I always buy my mom some, because I love her.

martisor-2 martisor-12

As you can see below, I am more than prepared – manicure-wise – for this holiday. I just love how this one turned out, love the flowers and the color combinations – I think this may be my favorite one yet! However, my nails seem to be the only way in which I am prepared for spring. As usual and typical for a woman – and this happens every time the seasons change – I realized that I have nothing to wear for warm weather. I was talking to my friends about this and they feel the exact same way (not about my wardrobe, but about their own). How can we cure this feeling? Can shopping be the only way? But if it is, how come we go through this every time?

wp-1488356781813.jpg wp-1488356810561.jpg wp-1488356820469.jpg

Ugh… we’ll have to figure things out – and quickly – because we have daily responsibilities that cannot wait until we find a solution – we all have to go to work every day. Wish us luck!

Hope you have a great spring filled with fulfilled wishes and dreams that come true!



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