Like everybody does, I have a list with must-see places I’d like to visit – almost the entire planet, gotta tell ya XD. However I can’t really say that Venice has ever been one of my priority destinations – I wanted to see Italy, but not Venice in particular, although I’ve heard many times how beautiful it is.


As usual, the universe knows better than I do what I need and what I don’t. So chance has it that my first trip this year was to Venice and I must confess: I loved it! 😀 I know Venice is seen as one of the most romantic cities ever, but for me, this trip was not about the romance, it was about seeing as much as possible in four days’ time. And I did – I think (actually I know for sure, thanks to the very useful, it seems, app called S Health) we walked for a total of 75 km in 5 days – I also counted the fifth day as well, on which we returned home, because instead of taking a water bus at 5:00 AM, we walked the 3 km from San Marco to Piazzale Roma to get to the bus that was going to get us to the airport. (walking through the narrow streets of Venice at 05:00 AM is quite scary, lemme tell ya).


As I previously mentioned, we stayed near San Marco square, so it was really convenient, as this is the main attraction in Venice. However, it kinda didn’t matter where we stayed, cause we could get to wherever in a day’s time. We visited, we walked, we ate, walked some more, climbed (actually took the lift and I was very disappointed tbh) the Campanile tower in San Marco square, saw the most beautiful view of Venice from above, drank grappa, was disappointed by grappa, ate cannoli and was not disappointed and discovered some of the beautiful things that Venice has to offer. Some because we didn’t get to do a few things, like take a ride in a gondola or visit the other little islands around the main one, but I’m very satisfied with what we saw in the little time we had. Also did not get to see the Carnival, only the preparations for it when we stumbled upon the little charity sale I told you about in this post.

venice-29 venice-19-2

Overall, it was a very enjoyable trip, the kind you return from feeling tired, but in the best way possible. I loved Italy and I really hope to see it again soon! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

venice-25 venice-28 venice-27-2 venice-20 venice-15 venice-18-2 venice-24-2 venice-11-2 venice-12-2 venice-7 venice-3 venice-9-2venice-17 venice-14 venice-9 venice-4-2

Have a great weekend and an awesome week to come!



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