LV = love


I’d be lying if I’d tell you that I’ve never dreamed of owning a Louis Vuitton bag. Just like any fashion loving girl, I’ve always wanted a LV bag, ever since I found out what or better yet who designers are. Of course, I’m just a small town girl (yeah, just like Jesse’s girl 😀 ), so I could never afford one – I mean I could, if I wouldn’t buy anything else for an entire year or if I’d sell one of my kidneys, but I can never seem to do that… Just kidding of course. But you have to admit, designer pieces are expensive and not in everyone’s price range. But a girl can dream…

When I was in Venice last week I fell in love and as this is the week (or month) of love, I thought there’d be no better time to tell you about it. Its name is Louis Vuitton Twist MM bag and I think we could be very happy together! ^_^ It’s one of the most beautiful bags I’ve ever seen and I’ve done nothing but dream about it ever since I saw it. I mean look how gorgeous!!


On the last day of my trip in Venice I stumbled upon a charity sale – so typical of me to go to another country and buy something vintage (I love yard sales!) – and saw what appeared to be a LV Speedy bag. So, naturally I bought it! 😀 Now as I previously mentioned, I’ve never owned a Louis Vuitton bag, so I’m not an expert when it comes to knowing if one is real or fake – except when you buy it from the LV store, that one I can tell is real 😀 So I checked a few sites online to see if my bag is the real deal. Turns out… I still don’t know, haha! 🙂 I mean I’d like to think it’s real, but I doubt it… Please don’t burst my bubble – I will continue to think it’s real until I buy a new LV bag for myself. #ignoranceisbliss


Have a great weekend!



One thought on “LV = love

  1. […] As I previously mentioned, we stayed near San Marco square, so it was really convenient, as this is the main attraction in Venice. However, it kinda didn’t matter where we stayed, cause we could get to wherever in a day’s time. We visited, we walked, we ate, walked some more, climbed (actually took the lift and I was very disappointed tbh) the Campanile tower in San Marco square, saw the most beautiful view of Venice from above, drank grappa, was disappointed by grappa, ate cannoli and was not disappointed and discovered some of the beautiful things that Venice has to offer. Some because we didn’t get to do a few things, like take a ride in a gondola or visit the other little islands around the main one, but I’m very satisfied with what we saw in the little time we had. Also did not get to see the Carnival, only the preparations for it when we stumbled upon the little charity sale I told you about in this post. […]


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