About new phones and first times


Okay so it’s not actually new phones, it’s just one, but you get the point.

This story happened before Christmas, the time when most miracles happen (I have no idea if this statistic is true – might be, but miracles almost never happen for me, so I might not be the best authority on this – insert self-pity-cry-here), the miracle being that I finally decided what phone to buy :)) I know, my life is so small, right? Shutup.

It was actually a harder task than it seemed, because I’ve been torn for months – should I give up Samsung for the iPhone or not. Spoiler alert! I didn’t. Why did I want an iPhone and why did I change my mind? Mostly for the camera and because it was cute – to answer your first question. I’ve always noticed the quality of iPhone pictures, which was always superior to the ones taken with other phones. Haha, until now. I mean no, the iPhone does have its strong points, but that doesn’t mean that other phones don’t have theirs as well. That’s racist to other phones. I changed my mind because for me the price wasn’t worth it. I could easily find a nice looking phone with a good camera. And I did: Samsung S7. Why this model you ask? Well because I was used to the Android operating system, because it looked so good and because its ability to deliver gorgeous pictures. Why not S7 edge? Because I have tiny hands and can barely handle the 5.1 inches of the S7, let alone the 5.5 inches of the edge model (there’s a “That’s what she said!” joke in there somewhere).

I think it’s been almost two months now since I got my new phone and I couldn’t be happier with it. It works well, looks well and it has a great camera. I think my only problem with it is that I cannot seem to find screen protection that isn’t glass or fake glass (i.e. plastic). The S7 already has glass covered screen, so why would I put glass on top of glass? I just wanted plain old protection cause my only worry is scratches.20161214_135934


Anyway, my new phone came at the most opportune moment of all (it didn’t actually “come”, it was my decision to buy it, and I guess the point I was trying to make is that I’m a great decision maker) – I was about to go on a business trip.

It was actually my first business trip ever aaand… my first time flying. I know, shocking, right, not flying on a plane ever. But I guess I was always a late bloomer (and by this I mean that I’m still not a mature adult in the true sense of the word :D). I mean I have travelled abroad – to Bulgaria, Greece, even Germany – but it was always by car or by bus even (ugh, the bus part was terrible, I wouldn’t even recommend this to my biggest enemy – if I had one).

You can see now how my phone came at the most opportune time – I had the perfect tool to document my special moment. If only I had something to photograph, haha.

My business trip was not that long – three days, 24 hrs of which I spent on planes and in airports. My destination was Crozet, France, but I landed in Geneva after a long layover in Vienna.  I think I was very lucky, my first flight (of the series and of my life) was the most pleasant one. When I left, it was cold, but very sunny in Bucharest and it was still daylight (d’oh, it can’t be sunny at night, can it?). I sat by the window, the crew was nice and the view was amazing. I was very disappointed upon arriving in Vienna that it was foggy and I couldn’t see much. The picture below is the only one I took in Vienna. I took no pictures in Geneva because I arrived at night and had to get to the hotel.


We stayed at the Jiva Hill resort in Crozet and I have to say it was the nicest hotel I had stayed at in my entire life (until now). I had the entire room to myself, which was great news for two reasons: that awesome bathtub and that comfortable bed. Unfortunately I haven’t spent nearly enough time in that magnificent bed because I had long nights and early days, so that’s one of my regrets. My second regret was that it was really foggy and I couldn’t see a thing, let alone photograph it. It was a pity that we went during winter cause I heard that during the summer the view is fantastic.

20161214_220232 20161214_220233 20161214_22023920161216_12043220161216_120448

Overall my stay was very enjoyable, although I had day-long meetings. We got to do something really special on one of the days I spent at Jiva Hill and that was creating our own perfume. We had a workshop with Remi Pulverail, the founder of the perfumery L’Atelier Francais des Matieres, who taught us about the components of a perfume, about the chemistry of the elements and about the complexity of the job. I think the most interesting part was smelling the components of a perfume and then the final product, because there would be elements that smelled just awful, all of them, but once they were combined they were absolutely divine. I fell in love with one of their fragrances, called Jasmin de Cherifa, and behaved like a child, because I’ve always had trouble finding a fragrance that I truly liked. It was so typical of me to fall in love with something so exclusive and expensive – just typical for a woman to like something she just can’t have. But, fortunately, I did get what I want  because we had the wonderful surprise of receiving two perfumes at the end of the workshop, one of which was the Jasmin de Cherifa. Remi and his team were delightful and I think we amused them with our enthusiasm for fragrances.


My final impression of the trip is regarding the food – I like to think of myself as a true foodie, but I can’t really say that I was blown away by the food at Jiva Hill. The breakfast was amazing, but the other meals were not really to my taste – literally – there were some pretty weird combinations (for my pallet, at least) and too much foam everywhere (parmesan foam in the risotto, parsley foam on the steak and so on), although I can say that there were a few dishes that impressed me, for example their pumpkin cream soup with croutons, bacon and roasted chestnuts. Mmm, yum!

20161215_211342 20161215_202848

I think I came back a little changed somehow, but I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s like something has been missing from my life and this was it. Some people find this annoying, but I really enjoyed the fact that I had 4 flights in 3 days. I really enjoy travelling and I think flying is the ultimate experience that most people take for granted. It is truly amazing that we can get that fast to another country, thousands of kilometers away, it is amazing that a machine that heavy can float and carry give or take 200 people through mid air. I came back home with the feeling that I simply have to fly again, to travel, to go somewhere. I think the feeling is best described by the word “hunger”. I have a hunger to travel and I hope my life will give me the opportunity to do this as much as possible.

I truly hope all of you feel about something in your lives the way I feel about travelling and I hope you get the change to do it as much as you can!

Have a great one,


*all the pictures in this post have been taken with my new Samsung Galaxy S7 phone


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