My Christmas nails

20161213_100359.jpgI know it’s January, d’oh, but I was so busy with visits during the holidays that I just didn’t have the time to post anything (or take pictures, as you can see, took the pictures with my phone). And in any case, I’m not ready to give up Christmas just yet, I will hold on for dear life – already took down my Christmas tree, whaddaya people want from me. I am not ready to accept the idea that there’s a year left until the next one and I haven’t had the time to fully enjoy it since I was in college. Anyway, I was saying…

This was my Christmas manicure – not very Christmassy, but I like to think of myself as a discreet person –  don’t ask my friends, or my family, or my boyfriend though, they will definitely not agree. I think one of my friends described my holidays manicure the best, saying that it resembles Christmas china patterns. It was very misleading (the manicure, not the Christmas china), as most people thought it was just a strange French manicure, but upon further investigation – BAM! –  discreet Christmas. *cue carols*

Have a good one! ^_^


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