DIY flower pots (and mini Christmas trees)


A few months ago I became obsessed with mini succulent plants. I am still obsessed, but a little less, now that I actually own a few. I searched high and low and everywhere online to try and find tiny succulents, but in the end the hero was my sister, because she found some at her local florist.




Now that I had the succulents, I had to find them proper pots, because my awesome tiny plants could not sit in boring pots. So what I did was order some tiny flower pots online. A week of waiting later and my flower pots came and they were… just too tiny for my tiny flowers! Can you believe that? (The thing is that I ordered other pots in the meantime and those are too big, so I just gave up. Actually I found some tea cups without handles which will work wonderfully, so I might just use those – stealthy, because they are my boyfriend’s, haha).

But before giving up on my tiny pots, I had the chance to spend an evening painting them with my lovely friend Ioana. We had a great time and as you can see, so did her cat, Babadook. (you can also find pictures of my mini project on Ioana’s blog, here)


Because I had a nice time painting these mini pots, I just couldn’t not do something with them, you know? So I found the perfect Pinterest DIY project for them – which was also my first Pinterest project ever, besides cooking – mini Christmas trees. I have to say, it was the most relaxing project ever, because all I had to do is paint and get creative. So what I did is first find 5 pine cones, buy some green and ivory acrylic paint, some acrylic glue and some glitter (between you and me, the glitter was actually nail glitter, but who’s gonna know, right?). Of course I needed some paint brushes as well and a workspace where I could dry my cones. Then I started working. The green acrylic color was too dark, so I combined it with the ivory one (which was initially an impulse buy, but turns out it was just me thinking ahead, haha) and it worked just fine. After painting the cones right-side up I immediately sprinkled some glitter on them so they could dry like that. After every last cone was done I used the glue to stick them to my mini DIY flower-pots and glued some shiny stars on top (which I had cut from my tinsel) and voila!




I think they turned out great and made nice Christmas gifts!

What was your first Pinterest project?

Have a great one,



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