On repeat

I’m pretty sure that everyone has this thing where they listen to a song non-stop until it starts to get on their nerves – at the end of the day it’s their own fault when it happens.

Well, I do this almost everytime I find a song I love. Fortunately, they don’t all bug me after continuous play. I have my favorites I could listen to anytime, all the time (Two examples of songs, one older and one newer are Chris Isaak – Wicked Game and Royksopp & Robin – Monument). They make me feel good, they make me dream, they make me want to hear them again as soon as the song is over.

This has happened for the past two weeks with The Weeknd – Often (Kygo remix). I love The Weeknd’s sexy songs, but Kygo gave it a beat that’s almost impossible not to dance to. I am literally sitting at my desk right now, fighting the urge to dance. I am doing it slightly, but there’re quite a lot a people around and I don’t wanna be more inappropriate (more – because my jokes do enough damage as it is on the inappropriate side :D).

So let’s dream of summer together! Enjoy!


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