What’s in a name?

So, I felt the need to explain the name of my blog in a few words.

What is lovage?

Well, as the picture clearly states, lovage is a plant, commonly used in our country for cooking, especially in soups or borsch.

So what’s the deal? Why Miss Lovage? Do I enjoy soups and borsch so much that people call me lovage? Do I plan on cooking with lovage and making a lovage-themed blog? Do I plan on telling you all about the positive properties of this plant? No, not at all 😀

Actually, people DO call me lovage, but only because that’s my last name. Now after I’ve explained what lovage is and what its uses are, can you imagine all the jokes I’ve heard all my life? I have a good sense of humor and I find if funny when people come up with original jokes about my name. But they rarely do, I think I’ve heard them all. In spite of the jokes, though, the name has never bothered me. The two things I have never been self-conscious about, not even in elementary school, are my last name and my height (there was potential there, as I am 1.57m high – or 5’1” if you will). My last name has become a part of my identity (aside from my legal one), so I decided to embrace it and make it my own personal brand, so to speak.

So there you have it – the simplest explanation of why I am Miss Lovage.
– Andreea.

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