How I discovered Victoria’s Secret(s)

vic secret1

Although Victoria’s Secret is mostly known for its gorgeous lingerie – and models for that matter – they also have an awesome collection of body products. I am the proud owner of their delicious body sprays, which smell divine.


The first thing I did upon becoming the owner of this collection was to Google the products and see what I find about them. I know, I’m weird, but the box looked so good I almost didn’t want to tear it open. I did, eventually, smelled them all, sprayed myself with a few and, because I was so excited, I also calculated the number of combinations you could try by mixing them together (I know, I’m such a geek). Aaanyway, Google – or more precisely the Victoria’s Secret site – didn’t tell me more than it said on every bottle – the fragrance of each body spray. Honestly, I don’t know what I expected – some instructions maybe? But I guess it was pretty self-explanatory: open cap, spray, put cap back on – D’OH! I think what I mainly wanted to find out is how much time will the fragrance last on your body. I found out eventually and I have two scenarios:

1. Using the body spray and not leaving the house will make it last for approximately half a day. It obviously depends on the quantity you spray on yourself – I used two puffs.

2. Using the body spray and then going out – this is obviously the sad scenario in which the marvelous scents don’t last longer than a few hours – two if you’re lucky. I sprayed some in my hair as well and I slightly felt the scent at times during the day. But contact with the exterior will definitely reduce its effect.

Back to the scents though – they all smell amazing. But, as I am slightly obsessive, I just had to divide them into two categories: the ones I liked and the ones I liked reeaaallly much. So, the ones I really-really liked are:

Sheer Love – with white cotton and pink lily


Secret Escape – with sheer freesia and guava flowers


Pure Seduction – with red plum and freesia


Such A Flirt – with starfruit and white orchid


Aqua Kiss – with rain-kissed freesia and daisy


I guess we can all agree right now that I like freesia. XD

Moving on to my least favorite – although I don’t like the word “least” cause it implies I am an ungrateful human who doesn’t appreciate Victoria’s Secret – I do, Victoria, I promise, I really do! – here they are:

Coconut Passion – just as the name states, with coconut and… vanilla (I know, right? I expected passion fruit as well…)


Amber Romance – with amber and creme anglaise


Love Spell – with cherry blossom and peach


Passion Struck – with fuji apple and vanilla orchid (no passion fruit here either, huh?)


Mango Temptation – with, you’ve guessed it, mango, and hibiscus


I guess one of the reasons – perhaps the only one – why I like the latter fragrances the least is because the fruity smell is too strong for my taste. But then, that’s what it comes down to – tastes and preferences. While I may like flowery scents, others might enjoy fruity ones.

Have you tried these body fragrances from Victoria’s Secret yet? What do you think? Which one is your favorite?
– Andreea.

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